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LaRene A. Wentworth
ENGL 100
Dr. Chad Walls
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A moment that changed my life, was a super frustrating day at the grocery store. I was
shopping with this ridiculous list of wants from my teenage children. The most daunting part of
the list was from my oldest daughter Megan, a “vegan”. The request was something like this,
“Mom, you can buy me whatever, just no soy, non-dairy, and no animal products.”. I was in no
mood for reading labels. I would inevitably miss some ingredient that would make it non-edible
by her and it would linger or not get eaten at all. As it was, I had been supporting her decision to
become a vegan for a while, but at this point I had become annoyed with food segregation. On
this day, I had had enough of the vegan vs. non-vegan household. It was getting too expensive to
eat both ways, so that's when I decided that we were all going vegan.
What I learned from Megan and taken to heart was that not only is a plant based diet
better for you, it is also better for the environment. I was ready to let go of how I had been
programed to eat. I grew up on a farm and I knew we were raising animals to eat them, but they
were raised with love and kindness. The type of farming I grew up with had nothinging to do
with the meats we buy at grocery stores. This meat comes from factories of mass production and
it’s disturbing. I saw haunting images that you can’t unsee.

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About a year earlier Megan had asked me to watch a documentary with her called Food
Inc.. In the very beginning of the the movie the narrator said, “The lifting of the veil has begun.”.
I braced myself, I knew this was going to be intense information. After the documentary ended, I
sat there for awhile. Stunned. Numb. Confused. Yet still, I have to admit, even after watching the
movie it took me time to process the information. As much as I didn’t want to think about it, this
was real. This documentary had changed my perception of what I eat. The veil had been lifted. I
needed time to wrap my brain around all this information and find a way to accept it.
Naturally, Megan was shocked that the documentary didn’t convince me right away. I did
have a deep appreciation for her pure love and respect for the animals, for her health, for nature
and for our planet. I was in the process of connecting with the plant based lifestyle. My excuse to
process was the expense to go completely vegan.
However, Megan was persistent and she never stopped taking opportunities when she
saw them by teaching her sisters and I about our food choices. She would say, “You're poisoning
yourselves.”, “Do you know what chemicals you're putting in your bodies?”. One day I was
eating eggs and Megan said, “Mom, really, you are eating bird menstruation.”. To fire back, I
said, ” I love eating tiny abortions. They taste so good!” At that point, I had disgusted myself. I
knew she was right about all of it. Even Megan’s sisters had begun to change how they were
eating. They now would drink almond milk after Megan showed them videos of milk cows with
pus filled udders. Slowly, we had incorporated many plant based items into our everyday life.
In reality, we had already made a significant transition into veganism as a family and
didn’t even realize it. We were no longer eating red meat or chicken. I recognized I was using
my budget as an excuse to not take the vegan plunge. Veganism has actually brought us closer

together. It seems we are constantly hungry; We now cook together and are learning lots of new
recipes. We use a variety of beans like lentils and chickpeas, Nuts of all kinds and grains, Quinoa
which is a grain has become one of our favorites because its loaded with protein. Nutritional
yeast has also become a favorite it taste like parmesan cheese. My go to has become hummus; I
have perfected it. No preservatives here!
Honestly, I save money because we don’t eat out as often. I’m not frustrated while
grocery shopping.We all feel better knowing that we are not a part of animal suffering. In the
end, I have found that we are all much happier and healthier being vegans. Thank you, Megan.


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