Last is a modern piece I love

Last Friday night, on November 03, 2017, I attended a Brian Webb Dance Company dance show at the Timms Centre for the Arts at 87 Ave & 112 St. The dance show was performed by Joshua Beamish, which is beautiful dancer that performs contemporary modern dance. After the introduction of the director, all the lights dimmed down and the curtains open. The light focuses on the left stage where Josh stood ready to perform. He started it off with the piece called Radios that was choreographed by Ame Henderson. This piece was kind of boring for me as an unprofessional audience, could not really decipher the concept of the dance.

The choreographer took a different approach towards the music most part of the dance was silent it focuses on the radios falling down as the dance progresses. His costume was metallic to illustrate a radio. After the intermission Josh performed Concerto that was choreographed by him. Music is Concerto for Violin, Oboe, and Strings in D Minor, BWV 1060 by JS Bach, this piece was great because it was a parody of ballet.

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As an unprofessional audience trying to really understand the concept of every part of the story he tried to tell it was very interesting for me. Concerto is a modern piece I love how he manages to blend the classic turns and tiptoes of ballet in the dance. They were a handful of fluidity movements especially in the upper body. So far that night, one bored me and one got my attention. Here comes the piece by Noam Gagnon called Fighting Chance, still performed by Josh Beamish.

The concept of was that the person is trying to get out of his box


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