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Latifa BayramovaMaster of English Philology 1This paper is going to summarize three chosen articles related to the application Corpus Linguistics.In the firs article, Xu Yusu (2014) presents the idea of possibility for Corpora to be used in the classroom to instruct English Language, especially, vocabulary. He insists that he Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA) can be applied in vocabulary instruction in the following four different aspects: part of speech, collocation, morphology and word comparison. The illustrated aspects of application of COCA in vocabulary instruction and their examples have proved that corpora is completely beneficial in teaching.

Xu Yusu (2014) supports his view by pointing out that corpora has access to authentic materials which leads to extend language data and can directly be applied in the classroom. Moreover, the author of the article outlines the fact that corpora might will help students notice and process words in chunk, which can not only arouse their awareness of collocation, but also facilitate the lexical output. On the other hand, the author is unhappy about the fact that teachers in many countries are either lack of education concerning corpora or fearful of the unknown technique. Therefore, he intends to explain how the Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA) can be applied in vocabulary instruction.In the second article, Xu (2016) represents overview of learner corpora and its application to second language learning and teaching. The author argues that four base components play an important role in learner corpus research, namely, corpus linguistics expertise, a good background in linguistic theory, knowledge of SLA theory, and a good understanding of foreign language teaching issues.

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Consequently, Xu (2016) supports his view by indicating the fact that exercises from corpus – based learning approach enables students get access to authentic materials and rich context. Learners can explore the use of words and phrases with the help of better observation.


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