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Lauren HinchProfessor Hill Argument/Research EssayEnglish 1301.

089November 25, 2018 Working Mothers: Good or Bad?In this day and time, mothers across the globe take care of their households. Some clean house and wash dishes while others work in the field. In recent years, it has become more clear that mothers want more for their family. Women work away from the home to provide a better future for the household. Although many think women should only stay home and clean, mothers should work because they are earning money, become role models for their kids, and will value family time more when they are not at work.

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When the opportunity arises for women to adopt a career, they will select the job based on what time requirement is needed. For example, if a woman wants to work as a nurse she will require a longer shift. In addition to time, there are many other things working women have to consider before they pick a career. They also make this decision based what they believe will leave her enough energy to balance being with family and at the job.

Once they find work that fits their schedule there is nothing stopping them to earn money for the family. Being a housewife is not a bad thing, but the fact is that women who work bring in more money than stay at home moms do. The only way to see the result of a working woman is to multiply 52 by how much she makes a week to find out what she makes a year. (“The Gains Working Women Have”) Then all those hours of effort will be accounted for and show up on the paycheck. In some households it is 2necessary for both parents to have a job just to pay for the bare minimum. Most women working are doing so to put food on the table. (“The Gains Working Women Have”) Even though most families contain a mother and father, just having a husband’s compensation is not adequate for the entire family. Yes, a husband’s income can be sufficient to pay the bills but for the middle class it is not enough for their children to participate in extracurriculars.

Mother’s always want what is best for their children. By extending the chance to their kids to take part in something greater than themselves, the kids learn more from working moms than stay at home moms who just watch the kids every move. Most children prefer to go to college after high school. If the mom wasn’t working, the father’s income would not be ample for all the tuition costs. Therefore, mothers should work to gain money for their family so their children can experience more of life and receive better education. When children write about who impacts their life the most, some will write about their parents. When a mom works a job for her family, she is showing her kids they need to work for what they want. Showing their children this lesson makes the mother more impactful to the child’s life.

Women gain respect for working and not staying home to maintain a stable income for their family. On the contracting side to this matter, people believe women should not work because it allows them to spend too much time away from family. Though they make a compelling argument, the time they spend at work lets them be more knowledgeable. The things they learn for the workforce is information they can bring back to their kids. Nothing is free, so these mothers are giving up their time with their children to work and this act shows children integrity. In addition, watching women work gives the children more of an insight to many characteristics they should 3have in the future.

For example, in a more psychological view, the concepts children can learn from having working mothers are optimism, self-control, happiness, sense of interest, free of failure, anxiety, and loneliness. (“Comparative study of the well-being of working and non-working women”) Although these concepts are not all positive, life is not fair. Teaching failure is complicated but is necessary for the mom to be a role model for her kids. The mother becomes inspirational when she instructs her children how to survive defeat. Being a mother requires an abundance of hard work and being in a working environment gives her the advantage of showing her children more about the work world.

Her children will grow up someday and manage a life of their own and will desire to know how to take care of themselves. These women will see many obstacles while they work but they will learn how to conquer them as the situation approaches. Work can test the family environment, marital status, and stress for mothers who work. What is important is how they carry themselves and if they will let their jobs problems affect their family life. To become a role model for the household, the women work through the tough days and find a solution to their difficult situations. Most solutions will require sacrifice so this creates awareness for their children in order for the greater good they might have to give up something they want for family. This means that when working women handle these situations at work, it will allow for a better life at home.

Stay at home moms cannot show their kids what work ethic looks like without having a job. (“Comparative study of the well-being of working and non-working women”) Therefore, a working mother can be a shining example for their kids because she has more knowledge about the work field and has more information to offer to her children.4Working mothers have to sacrifice precious moment with their family to provide the money the house needs. What they sacrifice most times is when they come home from work they are too tired to interact with the family because of how much energy their job requires from them. This is one downfall for not staying at home like non working women. However, a working mom would value the time they get to spend with their family more than if they spent every single second at home. Even though we would not like to admit it, sometimes work can cause a load of stress.

In fact, experiencing stress in the workplace is an element a woman experiences every day. (“Stress, Headache, High Blood Pressure And Self-Esteem In Working Women”) However, once the woman overcomes the stress, the remaining time she has left in her day will seem more cherishable to spend with her family. Spending time away from family can be a healthy way to find yourself and work on how you want to become a better person.

On the other side, being around family helps these mothers realize that their whole life is not all about work. Stress can create depression, worry, and fear, but spending time with a family can help these women temporarily take their mind off of work and focus on love and less about stress. If women didn’t allow time with their family they could face consequences like bring lethargic, absent-minded, non-productive, burnt out, and show a decrease in performance by being at work too much. (“Stress, Headache, High Blood Pressure And Self-Esteem In Working Women”) The biggest psychological problem with working mothers is that they can build too much stress which interferes with family time. However, if these mothers didn’t work, they wouldn’t get as much relief when they got home. Not only will working women have to separate family time for her kids but she may also time with her other family members and friends.

In the end, a mother’s favorite part of the day should be when she comes 5home to the family after a long day at work. Both men and women are equally important that work together at any job side by side at work. (“A Comparative Analysis of Urban and Rural Working Women”) Women have an equal opportunity for any job they want to pursue.

Women earn a salary close to what men make while working the same job as men. Women are more likely to feel empowered because they make their own decisions when they have a job. They have the choice to live out their life for the betterment of their family. Their self-esteem increases and begin to see what is important in their life.

A great way to spend time with family is during the holidays. Holidays are mainly for extended families so they can travel to see those they do not see everyday. However, mothers need more than holidays to experience life with their immediate family. For example, babies will have their first steps. Once the children grow up to be a toddler, they will have their first day of school. Before you know it, they will be in their 7th-grade year and the mom will be attending the child’s first volleyball game. Finally, as the child’s high school years end, graduation will be one of the most important events to attend. Besides these important parts of the child’s life and holidays, the mom needs to be there for just the little moments too.

Therefore, moms should work so they recognize that spending time with family and friends is something to look forward to when they leave work. In conclusion, it is a good thing that mothers work. In fact, they should work because when they earn money for their family they allow more opportunity for their children, they are an inspiration to their children and teach them the ways of life, and will recognize the importance of spending time with their family because time flies and every minute we can get should be with the people we love.

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