Leadership them to understanding systems, people, and knowing

Leadership skills is important for the students attitude when conduct a teamwork. Many universities always focus on their major objective which is student leadership development.

They commit considerable time and resources to student leadership development programs and initiatives. Although this objective is important to university, there are also need to determine that how students see that leadership development programs will help them get the benefit. According to the study conducted by Ghamrawi, Ghamrawi, and Shal, 2018 which aim the study found that the leadership education is an important element towards student development (Ghamrawi, Ghamrawi, & Shal, 2017). Through leadership development programs, they will help the students improve a lot of skills and competencies. So that, attending the student leadership development programs will provide students to demonstrate their leadership skills at a young age.

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(Leithwood et al.,2004). Leadership development can help the students how to be the captain or a student government official, out in front leading a team or small group. Besides that, there also can help them to understanding systems, people, and knowing right from wrong and doing the right thing (Komives, Dugan & Owen, 2011). Moreover, In these recent of years, schools which are the place to qualify the skills of the students, give the advantages towards their learning and school environment and always ready to participate with effectively and efficiently towards their future career during these recent of years. (Ghamrawi, Ghamrawi, & Shal, 2017).

Pedersen, Yager & Yager (2012) explained that the leadership program will builds a positive school environment, instills positive emotional growth in student leaders, and constitutes a positive model that will give benefit to other students. As an example, the students’ leadership will increase that their effective compare to the others. This is because of it has the potential of developing critical student competencies and constructing a positive school climate (Steinberg ; Li, 2014). According to the study conducted by Chai, 2015 which explain that university is the place to training students to become the future leaders. In the university, undergraduates is emphasized must have seven soft skills element as well as leadership skills in human capital development. Thus, each university has the requirement to motivate their students’ leadership as their program learning outcome during their university education. The larger organizations and societies, they need to have their employee or member is a good, competent and efficient leaders. So that, the leadership skill was very important towards students as their future career.

When they study their undergraduate, they have the opportunity to form and developed these leadership skills. Leadership representative as an art which has its own uniqueness. Thus, as a good leaders has responsibility and able to use what they have, such as characters and leadership qualities in order to influence the needs and benefits towards their other members and circumstances.

According to the study conducted by Ibrahim at.al, 2013 determine that principals has the responsibilities to stimulating the school atmosphere. The important role of principals is to cultivate professional growth and to play an effective leadership role in the school. The duty of the principal is to developing a clear and appropriate vision that motivates teachers and students for their future success. Furthermore, the environment which has effective and dynamic leadership will improve a teacher’s level of commitment to his or her organizational performance (Sharifah 2012).

In addition, the principal has the role as can builds up the connections between new educational concepts and teachers’ existing passions and ideological frameworks and he or she considered as the primary translators that link teachers to the goals, objectives, and priorities of the school’s system (Elliott and Crosswell, 2001). Besides that, leadership can provides the positive outcomes to their students such as leadership effectiveness, development of organizational citizenship behavior, follower commitment to leaders and organizations, and follower satisfaction with work (Bass and Avolio 1994; Pillai et al. 1999; Dumdum et al. 2002; Gillespie and Mann 2004; Rowold and Heinitz 2007). Thus, the students which has the leadership skills can influence a high level of academic success (Valentine et al. 2006).

The researcher who is Avolio et al. (2004) explained that the leader which has the leadership skill to motivates employees to go beyond what they think they can do. This is because when leaders expand and enhance employee benefits, when they generate awareness and accept the team’s purpose and mission, and when they are excited to see employees to see further about their own self benefit for the future career. (Bass, 1998)


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