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Learning about my students interests and aspirations will play an important part of their academic development. The information would allow me to incorporate enjoyable activities to engage students and make the information they are learning become relevant. Again, the survey method would be ideal to learn about my students. Using a survey with a variety of questions about themselves would allow me to learn about each student in my classroom. I would try to incorporate interesting questions to get to know a little about my students. Examples: What’s your name?What do you like to be called?When’s your birthday?What’s your least favorite school subject? Why?What’s your favorite school subject? Why?What is your favorite food? (sport, hobby, color, book, movie)What are you passionate about? What are you really good at?Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, 15 years from now?What would you like to be when you grow up? Why?What are your aspirations?I strongly believe that a simple survey would allow me to learn so much about what my students find interesting.

Students would work on the survey during the first week of school. Each student would be given independent time to work on the survey. The information would then be used as a class activity to “break the ice” and allow students to interact with one another. For the timid students, the survey would allow them to read from their paper, possibly making it a little easier to share. The information from the surveys would help me to prepare lessons that would engage students throughout a lesson with topics they find interesting. Another method would be to simply have a conversation with the students. Communicating with students’ one-on-one is a great method to learn about students and keeping up with their daily lives outside of class. This would allow students to see that I am available and approachable to talk to, with the sole purpose of helping them or simply listening to something they would like to share.

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I want to make sure students feel comfortable reaching out and asking for help. This method is more likely to help students ask for clarification when they do not understand something. Showing interest is a way of creating relationships, that can be the bridge in engaging students throughout the school year.

Each student is unique and can bring their own knowledge and curiosity into the classroom for a year full of learning experiences.


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