Learning Law I have been learning all

Learning about the system of rules which have been created and enforced through social and governmental institutions to regulate behaviour is something that I have been interested in ever since high school but have never had the opportunity to study until college. For many years, I have been interested in questions of right and wrong, in why conflict arises and how it can be resolved, and in looking at both sides of an argument, which is why I would love to carry on my study at University. Studying Law at a university level will help to gain a deeper understanding and better knowledge of the criminal law system, giving me more opportunities and flexibility with my future decisions. In Law I have been learning all about the court system, who works there and the different elements of Criminal Law which I find very intriguing as different cases always produce new and challenging situations to understand.

In Sociology I have been learning about the development, structure, and functioning of human society. This has helped me gain knowledge about the human society and the reasoning behind why certain individuals behave a certain way, which may be due to their working-class status, income, gender, ethnicity etc. Sociology has also helped me to improve my verbal and written skills as this subject has gave me the ability to understand complex ideas and apply these to practical situations in my assignment and tests. Studying Health and Social Care as a BTEC level has greatly helped me to improve my essay skills and how to prioritise my time management. Health and Social care has also helped me communicate effectively with individuals and groups as I would often have to take the role of a leader and present a presentation to the class which has also helped me contribute as a team member. I have also improved my understanding of the law by voluntarily attending the Leeds Magistrates Courts in my free time whenever a trial was going on, this allowed to me to take notes and observe certain cases that the court allowed to me. The experience of this was enthralling as I learnt about the work undertaken at a court and it also showed me an insight of what I may be doing in the future as my career. I also had the opportunity to do work experience at a primary school.

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I helped the children with their literacy skills and organising the class room and the books for the children. This has helped me with my own communication and organisation skills. From my experiences this far, I feel that I would be greatly suited to the university life. I am confident that the social and academic lifestyle at university would allow me to develop as a person. I would like to become a barrister or be part of law enforcement in any way I can as I find it very interesting and I feel like a job within the law enforcement will be most suited to my personality, I also believe that a law degree will significantly aid me to achieve this goal.


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