Learning shoulders, fingers, toes, and legs. Dumbbell lateral

Learning experience 2In the human body there are six primary movements that occur at the joints between the body segments. The first movement is Flexion which is a decrees in the angle between two body segments. Flexion can occur in the shoulder, hip, elbow, and knee joints. An example exercise for flexion would be windshield wipers and hamstring stretch.

The next movement is extension, which is an increase in the angle between to body segments, or on the return from flexion. Extension usually occurs in the knee. A leg extension machine would be a prime example for this movement.

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The third movement is Abduction which is the movement of a body segment away from the midline. Abduction can be used in your arms, shoulders, fingers, toes, and legs. Dumbbell lateral raises would be a good example of Abduction. The fourth movement is adduction, which is the movement of a body segment toward the midline or the return from abduction. Adduction usually occurs in the leg and hip area.

An example of adduction would be when your legs come together on a hip adductor machine. The fifth movement is Rotation which is the circular movement of a body segment about a long axis. This movement is conducted with your arms and is performed by using back hand movements such as a back-hand swing like in tennis or badminton. The Sixth and final movement is Circumduction Which Is the sequential combination of movements outlining a geometric cone. These movements are done by doing circles of the trunk, shoulders, hip, ankle, and thumb. Doing arm circles as a warm up would be a good example for Circumduction.An exercise the combines multiple different movements would be goblet squats. Your legs and the trunk of your body contract so that your body can hold the weight in a stable position.

When coming down in the squat, hip extension, and adduction along with extension of the knee are used to lower yourself. When coming back up, hip Flexion and abduction along with knee flexion are the movement’s involved. This is just one of many different examples.By Further studying these six movements, I can ensure the safety and the effectiveness of my workout programs that I will design for my clients.Hatfield, Frederick C. Fitness: the Complete Guide Official Text for ISSA’s Certified Fitness Trainer Course. 9.0 ed.


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