Learning it is very important to be open

Learning is based on respect and trust. Address the needs of individual learners, you will have created an effective teaching, learning and assessment environment.

is all about how you and your learners interact with each other in an acceptable way. Respect is about accepting others, not being rude to them or lowering their confidence and selfesteem in any way. Depending upon the age group of your learners, the subject and environment, you might encounter issues which you will need to deal with promptly

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Value and promote social and cultural diversity, equality of opportunity and inclusion

As learning take place in a social environment it will be fundamental to create a good atmosphere helping everyone attending to feel at ease in a space where learners feel safe and comfortable to express their opinion. Each student may have different background, culture, beliefs, experiences and needs, so it is very important to be open minded and to establish ground rules so to avoid any animosity, disrespectful behaviour and any kind of discrimination. Any inequality and discrimination should be challenged to guarantee fairness, decency and respect between students. Creating a safe and relaxed environment, learners will be more motivated and focused, able to participate, voice their opinions, ask questions and be actively involved in determining how they will learn, allowing them to use their potential and achieve their goals.
When you are with your learners, try to promote a positive culture of equality of opportunity whereby all your learners can attend, participate and feel safe and valued and meet the achievements and focus on the learning objecitives


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