Leonardo one of the first European Renaissances, produced

Leonardo Da Vinci was homeschooled by his father who taught him the usual dose of elementary English, writing, and arithmetic(mathematics). Da Vinci became an Italian painter, sculptor, designer, scientist, engineer, and theorist became known as the founding father of the High Renaissance and impacted the lives of many other famous painters that came after him. He radically changed the range of art thanks to his standards that he set in many artistic fields including handling of space, light and shade depiction, and representation of the landscape around him. (Kemp, Martin.

“Leonardo Da Vinci.” Oxford Art Online. 2003).

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Da Vinci became associated with art in 1467 when he became an apprentice who learned painting, sculpting, etc. Da Vinci worked within two movements, and still created fascinating paintings, he accomplished many achievements and his experiments, and his creations encouraged me to recreate them. Renaissances completely changed the course of art and Da Vinci was a part of the High Renaissance and the Italian Renaissance.

The Italian Renaissance, one of the first European Renaissances, produced some of the best art pieces today. Some of those pieces of arts, created by Da Vinci were The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa, two of the world’s famous paintings we know today. These paintings were created based opposite on the wars current aftereffects of fear, Mona Lisa is at peace, and The Last Supper, which would be the opposite of war in general. The High Renaissance, however, was different and produced unique paintings by Da Vinci, the sketches of The Vitruvian Man and A Portrait of a Man in Red Chalk.

Leonardo Da Vinci created many paintings and sketches of inventions he might have one day created, however, most of his achievements were the incredible paintings he just had to make with experiments. Da Vinci experimented with many different types of utensils, colors, binders, etc. The Last Supper painting by Da Vinci was one of those experiments, where he had mixed an original pen sketch with red chalk, which led to the fast deterioration of the wall painting. Some of his inventions that he had sketched include pumps and weapons, a hot air balloon, and an armored carriage that didn’t require a horse to move(aka a car).


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