LET estimate would be important if you


1. To ensure that there is Least Restrictive Environment among children with special needs, the teachers must ensure the:
a. Determination of IEP
b. Determination of Adequate Funding
c. Determination of trained teachers to teach students with disabilities
d. Determination of Appropriate Curriculum
2. Suppose a child becomes injured inside the school, the immediate appropriate action of the teacher should be:
a. Seek immediate medical attention for the child
b. Inform the principal immediately
c. Inform the parents of the student
d. Write and incident report in anecdotal records of the student
3. Motivation and involvement of students in learning activities are affected by the following except
I. Student’s attitude III. Respect for others
II. Student’s Interest IV. Concern for others
a. I & II b. I, II & III
c. II only d. I, III & IV
4. The unique feature of the current K to 12 is that the Filipino learner will become _____.
a. Monolingual
b. Multilingual
c. English speaking only
d. Tagalog speaking only
5. Which statistical estimate would be important if you were trying to determine if a test measures what it says it does?
a. Reliability
b. Validity
c. Usability
d. None of the above
6. In what level of psychomotor domain, uses sensory cues to guide motor activity?
a. Origination
b. Adaptation
c. Guided Response
d. Perception
7. He was the one who said that the mind is like an iceberg, it floats with one-seventh of its bulk above water.
a. Jean Piaget
b. Lev Vygotsky
c. Sigmund Freud
d. Erik Erikson
8. According to Vygotsky, cognitive development depends on:
a. Environmental pressure
b. Mental maturity
c. Social Interactions
d. Genetics
9. Novice teachers face numerous tasks and scenarios with which they have little prior experience. For teachers currently entering the field, which of the following is not a challenging they are apt to encounter?
a. Students who may exhibit superior technology skills as compared to their teachers
b. An increasingly diverse population of students and families
c. Inadequate resources to ensure the safety of their students while using technology in the classroom
d. Students who face the challenges associated with living in poverty
10. When a child has the inability to reverse thinking, example, can understand 5+2 is 7 but can understand that 7-2 is 5. The child can be described as __________.
a. Irreversible
b. Egocentric
c. Egotistic
d. Reversible

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