Let Heathcare Provider; Logistic services; Heathcare Analytics; Finance

Let us start the Vee Technologies Marketing Mix: Product: Vee Technologies is a global business process management firm. Vee Technologies providing business process management to its customers in the following industries: Healthcare provider Healthcare payer Media Logistics Heavy engineering Aerospace and defence The services offered by Vee Technologies are mainly software related services. All of these are the product & service strategy in its marketing mix.

Vee Technologies’s Services ; solutions division provides these following services – healthcare BPM and BPO; Medical billing and coding services; Healthcare Payer; Heathcare Provider; Logistic services; Heathcare Analytics; Finance and Accounting Services. Price: Vee Technologies has got a dynamic pricing based on the service of solution required by clients. For similar and common services, that do not require much expertise, Vee Technologies charges a price depending on the market. As with growing IT requirements, the competition in IT sector is also growing.

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Clients want to save their money, if task is not much demanding. Hence competitive pricing marketing mix strategy is an essential element for Vee Technologies. For some particular tasks, when company has to show more dedication in terms of research and employee engagement, the pricing strategy adopted is such that it benefits for the client and the company both.

As the cost saved by the software, is huge thus, for better services, Vee Technologies can charge also a good amount of fees. Hence it charges a customized fee. where salaries are significantly low, for offering better prices to customer, cost saving is done through offshoring the employees. Thus, depending on the talent pool of the company, it always lesser price than its competitors.


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