Let’s go back to Ancient Greece, where

Let’s go back to Ancient Greece, where people worked and trained hard. Ancient Greece impacted the world widely. There is a lot people don’t know about Ancient Greece.

There were many unique aspects in their culture that still exists and keep growing. Even though Ancient Greece and its events happened long ago their law, government, and culture are still relevant right now and are used in everyday lives. Long ago Ancient Greece was well known for their laws. Citizens of Ancient Greece were expected to know and follow the laws. Each city-state interpreted the laws differently. If they were to disobey the law(s) they were to consider themselves as their own attorneys. Only some citizens had legal rights; women, sales, and immigrants did not have rights.

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They had to be represented by their owner or legal guardian. It wasn’t until 1952 that we stopped using Ancient Greece’s laws. Modern day women and men are now allowed to vote and have lawyers to help them. Not only did we continue to use the same laws for a while but we continue to have different governments.

Ancient Greece was divided into city-states. Each city-state had various rules that were expected to be followed. There were many city-stages across the country, each had different governments.


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