Let’s media sites to gain approval from peers;

Let’s start with the idea of what social network addiction is. Social network addiction involves spending too much time on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on, to the point it affects other aspects of a person’s daily life. However, there’s no official medical recognition of social network addiction as a disease or disorder.

Still, the cluster of behaviors associated with heavy or excessive use of social media has become the subject of much discussion and research.Now, let me move on to the causes and signs of social network addiction. The biggest reason for this human behaviour is the need of acceptance, appreciation, affection, and love. Every human seeks for those feelings as they tend to be comforting.

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In the real world, it takes a lot of time, effort and patience to earn respect, love, and appreciation of others. Also, It takes time and efforts to make new friends. Meanwhile, social media presents a virtual world where people can represent themselves with the persona they want others to see, like and love. Actually, it is hard to tell if someone has an addiction to social media or if they simply enjoy spending some time on social media sites. Nevertheless, here are some signs of someone who may have a social media addiction: spending hours a day on social media; checking social media sites whenever possible; oversharing including very private information on social media sites to gain approval from peers; hearing from loved ones you are spending too much on social media sites; interference with work, school, and offline social life; being more comfortable with online social sites than socializing in real life; getting anxious and stressed when having to cut down social media time; using social media to escape from real-life situations; losing sleep at night to spend time on social media, etc.

Okay, enough about the warnings. What can you do to actually prevent becoming addicted to social networking sites? Here are a few tips. Some are fairly obvious, while others may leave you feeling a bit edgy. First of all, you have to recognize the behavior as addictive. The next step could be planning how you’re going to spend all the time that you were wasting on Social Media. If you at once replace all that time with productive activities, you’d fail to achieve your goal. You should start with indulging in activities that are fun. It could be playing some sport, cycling, meeting friends, helping parents with household work, basically anything as long as it doesn’t make you fidget with your phone.

If you’ve a hobby, it could come handy.


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