Libraries their lives. Moreover, academic library is a

Libraries are changing. The demands of the users convert the levels of staffing, the services and resources that it provides. Libraries become central to our communities, serves as the meeting places and social interactions with others.Libraries play significant role in the society. Library created to maintain and provide services to the users, whether it is a school library, special library, public library and academic library. Libraries help people become aware about the new trends in the society.

As long as people read, it will live on the culture of the community. The purpose of libraries is to help people informed in their choices of reading and better able to manage their lives.Moreover, academic library is a type of library. It known as “place-based” service providing the institutions and users who visited the library to consult and use the physical collection of books, journals, CD’s, reference materials, etc. Lately, there is a rapid change in the field of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), libraries have completely transformed. Libraries moved from the handwritten manuscripts to printing, from private libraries to open access or free access libraries, face to face reference service to virtual reference service.

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Technology is enabling us to do so much more. Technology plays important role in these changes, but it is not the only means of this change. Changes in the population, environmental changes, and the economic cycle of the society, all contribute to the change, which libraries must deal.


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