Life She should be always eager to please

Life partnerMarriage is a sacred contract between a woman and a man. It is where a couple begins the long journey of life with shared love, harmony, cooperation, tolerance and comfort with each other. Therefore selecting a life partner is one of the most crucial decisions that we have to make in our lifetime, because marriage is a lifelong commitment where one will face difficulties in life.A couple should be able to tackle the daily problem they will face in raising a family.

Both the husband and wife play their own prominent role in building a happy family. . One of the main tasks of a wife is build a respectable family to the society.

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Hence, a man should think carefully when selecting a woman to be his wife, a mother to his children and the main pillar in his family.Human being has a tendency of attracting to pleasant things. Most of the time, the first thing a man tends to see in a woman is her beauty. Sometimes the perfect figure, the soft skin, the mesmerizing eyes makes the man blind of what is beneath the outside appearance. The real beauty of woman is not her physical appearance, the true beauty lies within inner self.

A Man would rather get to know a woman and discover that her heart is pure and caring. For example, a beauty contest winner can be a cruel person.The ideal life partner must be responsible and respectful. She should be always eager to please his husband and make him happy. An ideal wife should be someone who is willing to do the household work despite poverty and hardship.

For example; if the husband is very poor, the wife should not be complain about buying unnecessary thing. The woman must have respectable character, which the society expects. She should practice and follow cultures and values accepted in the community such as a married woman should show modesty in clothing.In every marriage there comes times when there are differences in opinions, problems relating to financial, raising children, sickness. During these times, the couple should tackle the problem by respecting each other’s feelings and through open communication. The woman should be willing to listen to her husband and understand the situation instead of making the problem worse. For example; as in a famous idiom “making a mountain out of a mole”, A couple might be arguing about each other’s political view and that disagreement may lead to a divorce.

In a healthy marriage, the couple should be able to understand each other’s behavior and accept that nobody is perfect. The woman should be able to comfortably talk and share her wants and suggestions to her husband. The bond between the husband and wife should be based on mutual trust.

Therefore, the ideal partner should be trust worthy.As an old saying, “Behind every successful man there is a courageous woman”. Hence, a man can choose his life partner wisely. The task on a man’s hand in choosing the ideal wife is not an easy job. The decision should be taken with immense thinking. The must have characteristics must be given great emphasis in order to make the marriage life prosperous and fruitful. The decision a man takes today will affect his children in the future.


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