Likewise, led her to complete trust with Duke

Likewise, trusting each other is a very vital quality that is required in a meaningful relationship. Falling in love is easy but being able to enhance that relationship into something that is very special requires more than just being the attraction for the person. This is proved in Twelfth Night when Viola’s charm, great skills in music and conversation led her to complete trust with Duke Orsino. Viola was intelligent, charming and a good listener. These character traits helped her obtain the position with Orsino and those are the same qualities that caused Lady Olivia to fall in love with Cesario.

The Duke trusted Cesario with all this information about how he loved Olivia so deeply and Viola never betrayed him. This is because she admired the Duke so much that she would do anything for him. It should also be noted that even though Viola was in love with the Duke, she was loyal in her missions when she tried to win Olivia’s heart for Duke Orsino. Consequently, true love is not just about admiration but the fact that you and your partner can share anything with each other and be understanding of every problem. Building trust requires serious commitment and that only happens gradually.

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In a healthy relationship, it’s important that both partners trust each other and be trusted, to open up and be able to share anything with each other. Their desire to open up their heart and share what they are really thinking, can cause conflicts and put them at risks at times. Sometimes, when your partner is not willing to share their thoughts immediately, you feel that they don’t trust you. However, you being able to be patient with them shows that they can talk to you about any incident and help them through it as well.

Love is not an easy thing to achieve in life however when it is found, it is the most magnificent thing two people can relish for the rest of their lives.


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