List My pay slip will sate basic information,

List the aspects of employment covered by law. National minimum wage Hours worked Discrimination Health and safety (work conditions) Holiday entitlements Redundancy dismissal Training Disciplinary procedures List the main features of current employee legislation. • Employment rights • Equalities • Discrimination law • Health and safety legislation Outline why legislation relating to employment exists All legislation relation to employment exist to ensure that both the employer and the employee are protected within employment. The legislation helps to ensure employees and employers are treated fair and it prevents discrimination within a workplace Identify sources and types of information and advice available in relation to employment responsibility and rights. Company handbooks Managers – training Employment contracts – employment, leave entitlement, annual pay. Trade unions ACAS – minimum wage. Citizen advice Describe the terms and conditions of own contact of employment. There are a range of things which are shown on my contract of an employment.

Within the contract is a basic a basic job role description and job title which outlines what I am required to do within the workplace. My rate of pay and holiday entitlement will be described within my contract this is how much I will get paid hourly or yearly and how often I get paid this will also include information about sick pay. holiday entitlement is the number of holidays which I am able to take through year. The contract will tell me how much notice I have to give the employer if I decide to leave. Describe the information shown on own pay statement. My pay slip will sate basic information, this will be my name, the company which I work for, my national insurance number and my employee number which is unique to me, these things will ensure that I have been given the correct pay slip. The pay slip will show gross pay and net pay which the amount of pay before and after tax, it will also show the amount of tax which I have paid to date and the tax period. The number of hours I have worked will be detailed and the amount of overtime I have worked as well as the pay for overtime will be shown.

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Describe the procedures to follow in the event of grievance. It is important that a grievance is reported to the manager or the employer and the employee should be ensuring that they are following the Acas code of practice. The employer will then organize a meeting where the grievance can be explained and discussed. This meeting will allow the employer or manager to suggest way in which it can be resolved. After the meeting the employer should write a letter to the employee describing their decision about the grievance, an employee can disagree to the employer’s decision and write a letter back to the employer or an employee can decide to take grievance further if it not resolved. Identify the personal information which should be kept up to date with own employer. The information which should be kept up to date with my employer are my contact details such as my home address, contact number and contact email. My health should also be kept up to date this would be any long-term illnesses, pregnancy or reoccurring illnesses.

Any criminal charges or cautions should be known by the employer up to the current date. Explain agreed ways of working with employer. I will be working the agreed hours with overtime optional, if I am sick or cannot make it into work, I will have to follow the absence procedure. If I was to be late into work, I would have to let the employer now as soon as possible and the time in which I would expect to arrive.

Explain how own role fits within the delivery of the service provided. My role in the workplace is to provide a safe and caring environment for the children and ensure that everything I do meets the objectives, policies and procedure within the workplace, this includes making sure that all records are kept confidential. It is important that I provide a welcoming learning environment for the children which is of a high standard and a practical way of learning. As part of my role it is important that I keep up to date on children’s observations and tracking, I am to help children with all aspects of a daily routine including nappy change or help with toileting, preparing snack, promoting choice for the children and cleaning. I also attend all staff meetings. Explain the effect of own role on service provision. The effect of my role is to ensure that all of the children are being cared for properly and ensure that they are progressing correctly. I allow the parents to feel as though the setting is a safe and caring environment where the child can learn and develop their skills.

Describe how own role links to wider sector. My role will link with frequent ofsted visits, I should be exceeding ofsted standards and ensuring that all the children are safe and enjoying their time within the setting. It is important that the children are learning and progressing as they should whilst following policies and procedures, rules set out by ofsted and the government, this includes all legislations surrounding the workplace. Describe the main roles and responsibilities of representative bodies that influence the wider sector. Ofsted is one of the professional bodies which would have an effect on the wider sector.

Ofsted are the office for standards in education. As part of their job They will inspect all services all services which care for children or young people, ofsted promote free flow learning and rate services on how well they provide education for children and young people. they carry out regular inspections throughout England, they monitor progress and ensure all companies are following laws.

Ofsted give ratings and reports to all services, they also publish these on their website, this allows parents to get an idea on the service before they enroll their children. The government are also one of the professional bodies which influence the wider sector, the government are responsible for ensuring all services are following laws and any other rules and regulations which are set out. Explore different types of occupational opportunities. There are a range of occupational opportunities which can come under early years learning and childcare. This may be careers such as a playgroup worker, children’s Centre staff , a member of staff in preschools , nurseries or reception and a registered child minder or nanny. There are different roles for staff within these facilities, this may be a manager, assistant manager or an assistant/worker. Identify sources of information related to a chosen career pathway. Newspapers Other members of staff/managers.

The internet Other schools/ educational services Job centers Identify next steps in own career pathway Currently I am aiming to pass my apprenticeship and be qualified. I may try to get a new nursery in the future or work up towards becoming a manager within a preschool or school. 1.identify occasions where the public have raised concerns regarding issues within the sector There are a range of scenarios where the public may raise concerns regarding issues with the sector. I have not yet experienced any since I have not long been working within my work place. I have heard about situation where workers have been convicted of abuse towards children, child pornography or child neglect after concerns have been raised and investigated.

An example of this may be Vanessa George. In 2010 she was convicted of child pornography and abuse, she abused children whilst they were under her car and shared indecent pictures of those children with other individuals. This was not found out until members of staff and public raised concerns about her. 2. outline different view point around an issue of public concern relevant to the sector. The public may feel that all nurseries should be training and providing agreements for staff working within the setting in order to ensure the safety of children when they are within the setting. It is important that employers are doing the necessary check when employing someone this will include a DBS check which is a check of criminal convictions or records.

All public concerns should be dealt with appropriately in order to ensure that there are no laws being broken and none of the children are at risk. However, just because an individual may not have any criminal convictions does not mean that they are not capable of harming a child, it is important that new staff are supervised and carefully trained. I believe that the public do not expect to have to raise concerns and this may come as a shock to them. 3.Describe how issues of public concern have altered public views of the sector.

Public concerns may change which views the public have as they may feel as though educational settings are not as safe as they may have been previously , the public may feel as those authorities and employers are not taking cases regarding children as seriously as they should and they are not being investigated correctly. Describe recent changes in service delivery which have affected own area of work. Childcare qualification are now more demanding, this means that anyone who is to work with or around children has the have the relevant qualifications or be working towards them. This ensures the safety of children. ofsted inspection are frequent which ensures that a service is doing the correct practices.

Every child matters affects my workplace as it enforces a multi-agency approach where a child should be cared for and educated in the correct ways, any concerns about the child progression could be reported to another professional such as a speech and language professional if a child is not meeting expectations of their age. The early years foundation stage will affect my workplace as it sets standards for learning, development and care of a child. I am required to make written observations on a child at least twice a week and link them to the tracing sheet which outlines things a child should be doing within their age group.


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