Literacy families with low socioeconomic status. Socioeconomic

Literacy by definition is the ability to read or write. Socioeconomic status has the advantage or disadvantage to effect literacy in different educational factors. Literacy achievement hinges on status and social class. Higher socioeconomic families are more likely to achieve greater status or success than those families with low socioeconomic status. Socioeconomic factors effect education and resources need to attain successful literacy.

Income, parents occupation and parent education affect the individual and their opportunities. Education in higher socioeconomic families is typically stressed as much more important. Quite the opposite for lower income, food, shelter and safety are priority and education is pushed off to the side. Literacy skills are less of a factor and survival is more there primary focus. Throughout research, education and literacy will be a huge focus and the components that lead to socioeconomic status. Socioeconomic status plays a huge part in the foundation of children’s literacy and education. Literacy is taken for granted in the respect that we all learn to read on some level, but, what if we aren’t given the same opportunity as others based on social economic status.

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The level of literacy can truly effect our professional selves starting at a very early age. Effective literacy skills are imperative for higher success in life.() There are major factors including outside influences that can deter a childs educational development however, poor writing and reading levels most certainly should be detected early in. Everyone should be given the same resources and level of opportunity during the early stages of education.Socioeconomic status encompasses not just income but also education attainment, financial security(). Socioeconomic status can truly encompass the quality of life as well as give opportunities and privileges to those with higher socioeconomic status.

Socioeconomic status is an unfortunate but true indication regarding life outcomes and opportunities. Socioeconomic status or SES is beyond necessary as gaging education and advocacy. Socioeconomic status plays a tremendous role in the achievement or non achievement of education.() Education in higher socioeconomic families is typically stressed as a level of importance and priority where as lower income families stress the importance of survival meaning their priority isn’t academic success but of where their next meal is coming from as well as safety and a house to live in. The stress of these factors is not something a small child or adolescent should be faced with.

Parents with low income are often left working 2 and 3 jobs to keep their bills paid and food on the table. These children are often left helping families out with the household bills and groceries. Socioeconomic status can affect our everyday life, educational achievement and correlates between poverty and poor health. Lower income doesn’t afford for the same resources and opportunities as higher income locations and families.

Lower status families aren’t aware or up to date on the necessary information and technology needed for educational gain. As stated their primary concern is making sure their children are taken care of and to them, safety and nourishment are the priority. They are providing just not in an extensive way. Socioeconomic status affects majority of human movement.

Not only in education but our physical and mental health is drastically changed by these factors. Literacy achievement is both individually


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