Literacy-specific • The Library Hub, established nationwide, in

Literacy-specific initiatives include the following:• Every Child A Reader Program, which mandates all schools, school divisions, and regions to develop interventions addressing reading in schools based on certain assessment techniques such as the Philippine Informal Reading Inventory (Phil-IRI) • The Library Hub, established nationwide, in which a vast collection of book titles appropriate for children of various ages is located and in which the books are circulated in schools and made part of the learning competencies of the children • A focus in K–3 curriculum on language development, including reading • The mother tongue–based multilingual education as part of the K–12 program (under this program, teachers are trained to teach mother tongue competencies to prepare for learning of a second language)• Journalism program RA 7079, which offers teacher and student training in journalism • Activities throughout the year, including Book Week and National Reading Month


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