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Literature reviewThere are some studies that have been written about the types and measurement of nurse-physician relationships. The earliest relationship known as manipulative, was where the patient’s treatment was administered by a nurse only if the physician was provided with proper deference (Schmalenberg ; Marlene, 2001). Additionally, the nurses assumed the subordinate position since observation and anecdote compilation was used to assess the relationship. The other type of relationship between the nurses and physicians was an adversarial-abusive relationship which had numerous cases of resignations by the nurses who encountered abuse incidents from the physicians. This prompted the American Medical Association and American Nurses Association to form the National Joint Practice Commission in its aims to solidify the collaborative relationship between the two groups. It was successful since there were notable improvements in patient care (Rosenstein , 2002).

While these studies aimed to push the development of tools to measure the aspect of collaboration between the nurses and the physicians, some problems arose from these measurements. This is because nurses perceived this collaboration to be less than how the physicians observed it to be. According to (Thomas, Sexton, ; Helmreich, 2003), the difference of the perceived collaboration was quite significant because 33% of the nurses and 73% of the physicians perceived their relationships with nurses to be collaborative. This did not differ very much from (Ferrand, Lemaire, ; Reigier, 2003) , who suggest that 27% of the nurses and 50% of the physicians perceived their relationships with physicians to be collaborative. However, both studies report that the perception of the physicians on the quality and degree of collaboration was a lesser predictor of the patient outcomes than the nurses’ perceptions.Most studies agree that the collaboration in the nurse-physician relationship is not defined by the nurses and physicians. This is because the tools that are used in measurement in one group may not fit those definitions and concepts of another group.

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These studies can be used to allow the nurse-physician structure identification to improve the organizational structures for best practices in developing collaborative relationships. This is important for providing information that is crucial for having the patients concern put first. The studies discussed in this section provide the alignment of all disciplines to allow nurses and physicians to provide moral and ethical efforts that are significant in improving the operations of a hospital or health-care system.


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