Liver hepatocytes 32 and any alteration in liver

Liver plays a major role inregulating insulin clearance and maintaining post-prandial glucose levels andit is evident that aminotransferases is one of the markers of the healthyhepatocytes 32 and any alteration in liver function is observed with increasingin ALT & AST levels after alloxan induction 33,34. Table 6 exemplifiesthe results of liver markers during diabetes and after treatment with Annona cherimola. Elevation of SGOT,SGPT and ALP enzyme levels were observed after alloxan induction which may bedue to the destruction of liver cells causing release of these enzymes incytosol into the blood stream 35.

Treatment of diabetic rats with aqueousleaf extract of Annona cherimola withconcentration 250 and 500 mg/kg b.w caused a reduction in the activity of theseenzymes by SGOT 41% & 49%; SGPT 14% & 37%; ALP 35% & 53%respectively. The results are on par with the standard drug treated groups. Herbalmedicines has the capacity to reduce the complication associated with diabetesis shown in many studies 36.3.9. Effect of Annona cherimola extracts tissueantioxidant enzymesSODis an important defense enzyme that catalysis the dismutation of superoxideradicals.

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Enzyme catalysis is the hemoprotein that catalyses the decline ofhydrogen peroxide and defends the tissues from the effect of hydroxyl radicals 37.The improvement in the liver SOD and CAT after treatment with aqueous leafextract of Annona cherimola (250 and500 mg/kg b.w) indicates its beneficial action of the extract. The results ofantioxidant present in diabetic treated rats with aqueous leaf extract of Annona cherimola of 250 and 500 mg/kgb.w is as similar to the action with standard drug glibenclamide (10 mg/kgb.w). Similar results were observed in previous reports of antidiabetic effectof Dillenia indica L.

leaves indiabetic rats 38. 4. Conclusion            Inthe present study an attempt is being made to identify the effect of Annona cherimola over complicationassociated with diabetes by improving radical scavenging ability in diabeticrats. Relationship between body temperature during metabolic changes indiabetic condition was analyzed and the results reveled that imaging processcan also be used to identify the abnormalities and can be a valuable tool fordiagnosis. 


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