Location: is for kids under five years

Location: Toronto is located in Ontario, Canada (In North America).Size: The area of Toronto is 630.2 km².Population: Over 2.8million people are living in Toronto in 2018 (2.732million in 2016)Language: The official language spoken in Toronto, Canada is English.Religion: Christianity is the most common religion in Toronto, Canada (with other religions such as Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism and Atheism following behind. Almost a quarter of the city’s population do not follow a religion).

Main Industries: Aerospace, design, education, events, fashion/apparel, film, financial services, food ; beverage, green, life sciences, music, technology and tourism are all industries of Toronto, Canada.Level of education: Toronto is world famous for its education qualityand its schools/universities, and is Canada’s largest centre of education. Toronto has around 1400 educational establishments. Early education (Preschool) is for kids under five years old.

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Elementary school (Primary school) is usually grades 1-5. Middle school (Junior high school) runs from grades 6-9 but is usually only grades 7 and 8. High school (senior/secondary high school) normally are the grades 9-12, and completes compulsory education in Canada.


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