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look at your life right now whatever you’ve done up to this point in time your life is working whatever you have produced it came out of you as a result of the kind of person that you have become as a result of your choices its a result of your consciousness now you have to ask yourself are you satisfied with what you hit produce is this what you are if you want to keep on getting what you get keep on doing what you doing you’ve got to be willing to change your ways your life is working if you don’t like what you have produced yourdirector you have the start you wrote this script you produce this whatever it is if it’s a hit you produced it if it’s a flop you produced it you’ve got to ask yourself what do I want out of life what do you want out of life what do you want out of a job what do you want out of career what do you want out of a relationship what do you want what gives you your life what how will you know when you got it what will make you happy you need to know you need to start asking yourself some questions what do I really really truly want because in order to begin to reinvent your life you’ve got to make a conscious deliberate determined effort that you really got to put all of yourself it’s very challenging you got to prepare yourself you’ve got to develop yourself you’ve got to practice you’ve got to work you’ve got to do your homework you got to do your research listen to yourself listen to that still small voice within you don’t try and make everything logical there are some things about lifethat defies logic that you just can’t explain how the outcome is going to be if you’re working on a job where you’re miserable they’re not telling you what your work you don’t like to work you don’t like the people and you’re dissatisfied if you have decided to continue to take a paycheck you owe it to yourself to give it your best effort if you get in a habit of being mediocre of doing just enough to get by you’re not hurting anybody but you you’re cheating you what is the worst thing that can happen if you do it what’s the worst thing that can happen let’s say going into business for yourself or changing careers or getting a divorce taking some kind of chance of something that you’ve always thought about doing but you just haven’t done it for whatever reason what’s the worst thing that can happen do the worst case scenario you can make the commitment to your life that you don’t like the results that you have and that you’re going to do something about it one of the benefits of your acting courageous whatever it is that you’ve identified right the benefits die and then focus on them focus on the benefits not on the liabilities that on your fears focus on the benefits that what you hold in consciousness tends to manifest itself when you want something out of life you’ve got to be willing to go into action don’t wait around for things to be just right don’t wait for things to be perfect don’t wait for the ideal situation it will never be ideal once you start listening to yourself and as you began to act on your dream as you start just trying to find your way doing what you can what you have you will start seeing things opening up for you start attracting people you say where’d it come from things you start coming together clicking for you say whoa you start bringing something I hear know it as you focus on the key to it is to begin to focus but what is you want to do well why is that important because as you focus on that which you want to do that which we focus on that which we give our energy to it will begin to multiply it will begin to expand it will begin to develop your consciousness and out of that comes your greatness out of that comes a commitment out of that comes a passion for life out of that comes a special power that you have in you there are many ways to get the things that we want for ourselves in our lives but basically it all begins with how we choose to think as you think so shall you be


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