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Lord of the Flies, a novel written byWilliam Golding and Antigone, a translated play written by Jean Anouilh are twotexts that accurately reflect the role of men and women in society.Antigone, a  translated French play that tells a story oftwo brothers, Eteocles and Polyniece, that have been killed in a battle whichthey were leading opposite sides in Thebes’ civil war. Creon declared new rulerof Thebes orders that Eteocles will have a proper honored burial, sanctified byholy rites, whereas Polyniece, the rebel, will not have a proper burial, hisbody laid unburied to become the food of animals. Antigone and Ismene, sistersof the dead brothers, last children of the ill Oedipus.

Antigone  and Ismene, one fearless and one submissive.Antigone wishes to properly burry her brother Polyniece by contradicting toCreon edict, whereas Ismene does not follow her sister as she fears the deathpenalty that would be waiting for her if she went against Creon, her uncle.In the play Antigone, there is acontrast in the role of women in society between the two sisters, Antigone andIsmene. Antigone is unpleasant by sight, boney, sallow, pale looking, basicallywithdrawn in appearance unlike her docile and beautiful sister.

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Antigone isn’twhat one would describe as a desirable woman in her time period. Although allof this is true, Antigone still manages to display the role of feminism in thebook, with her boyish physique and her cursing her girlhood, which is a largepart of being a woman in today’s society. She is the heroine that stands forwhat she believes in and always insisting on the pleasure of her desires, asshe ignores or more likely refuses to understand the limits placed on her, asher rebel self.  As Ismene notes, Antigone is not beautifullike the rest, but beautiful in a way that stops children in the street,beautiful in a way that unsettles, frightens, and awes. Society portrays womento be very ladylike. They show women as caring, passive, polite, and nurturing…Antigone reflects the women of society of today, as Anouilh portrays Antigoneas a way that defends her moral beliefs, political beliefs, religious and allthat for her family, which was not expected from a woman of her time period asthey were to be submissive to all rule set by the male society and follow themwith no questioning. Ismene, sister of Antigone, ishowever, the reflection of the role women in society for majority.

Sherepresents the typical role of women in society. A radiant blonde, way morebeautiful than her sister, the serene and laughing girl, Ismene was the goodgirl of the family. She doesn’t oppose herself to Creon’ edict and follows allrules set upon her. She is what one would consider the object of all men’sdesires.Lord of the Flies, a British novelabout an unnamed time of war, a plane carrying a group of schoolboys is shotdown. The pilot of the plane is killed, but many of the boys survive the crashand find they on a deserted island all alone, with no adult supervision. Allevil inherit in them releases once they have let go of the remaining of theircivilization.In Lord of the Flies, the malecharacters reflect two sides of men’s role in society.

Ralph who is the elected leader ofthe biguns and littluns tries to keep civilization through rules and domesticorder (keeping fire, building shelters, etc…). All that, reflecting men ingeneral, as they are expected to do “dirty jobs” such as construction.Jack and Roger. Jack being one of theassertive boys and wants to take over Ralph’s leadership inherits evil in thebook, along with Roger who has a cruelty towards weak (piggy and those thathold onto civilization) and vulberable. The inheritance in evil reflects howmen in society are more aggressive than women, as men tend to be more violentand physical as women are emotional and gentle. Role of Ralph that reflects men,would be fixing problems. Taking the conch and solving the problem in betweenthe biguns and littluns by giving their own daily task, reflects how male like to dominate the problems and use itas a way to show off what their ability and what they are capable of.

Lord of the flies, might itself insinuatethat such content reflects the role of men in society and not women. As if itwere female mentioned only in the novel, it would be expected the book to focuson girls, that gossip, and more into social exclusion. Girls can be evil andviolent; however, society doesn’t expect violence from females as it would notbe “lady-like”.Characters such as Ralph and Jack,although their differences in ideologies, they both are strong characters andnot the contrary, which directly reflects their role of being strong,assertive, dominating and authoritive.The content of the text involves both gender andnovel.

Which distinguishes males and females based on a set their of identitytraits. Since them, we are constructed or brought up to believe we have tobehave and interact in certain different way from each other. However, intoday’s life majority of the stereotypes and expectations mentioned in theprevious paragraph are still up to date in today’s society. Men are expected todominant, big , assertive, and women that are still oppressed by me,submissive, a “goody too shoes”, housewives, and many others


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