lower hired around 117 million of people

lower prices of the products, and the variety of different products. Globalization helps to be more competitive and creating the lowest costs of products.

At the end, it helped to open the new markets and access to raw materials and resources Countries like Brazil, Russia, India, China, south Africa (BRICS) are the most important competitors in the world market. The Indian Economy wants to be on top with their products. The key of the Indian Economy are micro small and medium Enterprises. They are the major reason of the economic growth in India.

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Around 20 % of the Indian MSMEs are located in the rural areas and they provide 40 % of the employment opportunity of the India’s labor force. According to data of the Reserve Bank of India between 2015-2016 the MSME hired around 117 million of people in more than 51 million enterprises. Indian companies produce more than 800 of different products. One of the largest industries in India is Coir fibre with around 80 % of the total world production in Coir Fibre (Mukherjee,S 2018).We are going to see the negative effect that globalization has on culture then focus on the disadvantages of the trade.

Globalization may affect gender. There is a fact that women earn less money than men, the examples are, Scandinavian countries especially in the private sector. In the larger business exporters demanding flexibility from their employees. For example, many firms require working until late hours to communicate with customers in the different time zones, business trip as well. They want employees to be available 7 days a week 24 hours a day. It is said they women are less flexible.

The female divides her time between working at the farm and child care.Today’s access to technology via phone, email helps to make business easier. Blair-Loy and Jacobs (2003) the stock brokers stated that the pace of work increased in the recent years due to new technologies and globalization. According to employee research women are seen as those who should stay home and take care of family. There is an example between exporters and non-exporters and the labor force at the two types of firm. The research found out that the average wage to women is 24% lower than the one which is paid to men, what is more exporters pay women 20 % less (Boler, 2018).United Stated of America and negative consequences of the trade policy with China and globalization, have been elected Donald Trump as a president on November 1 2016.

On 22 march, 2018 Trump published ‘Statement by the President Regarding Trade with China’. United States will implement a 25 percent tariff on $50 billion of goods from China. The reason is with the less import and exports the employment and the wages would increase. Reducing tariffs on imports allows companies to expand to the other countries. Rich countries focus on a things requiring skilled workers, poor countries produce goods requiring large amounts of unskilled employees.

The influence of digitals is changing the world. The world economy is being shared means work can be split all around the world. Machines are replacing people at work. Digital do not need workers anymore. The capital of Facebook is worth $500 billion and hired just 20.

000 people. Workers are having a cheaper competition from the low costs labor in India. Creating enough amounts of jobs is a new global problem. Americans expert ideas is to support low-income workers by putting up higher the minimum wages or offering the tax credits. The serious problem of globalization in developed countries is the loss of production to developing countries, know as the offshoring in North America. Most of the companies in developed countries moved their manufacturing industries to the other countries with the lower costs. Increased imports products outside of U.S.

from the low paid countries is causing competition. Powerful companies outsourcing labour to the cheaper Asian markets and maximizing profits by cutting expenses to the bare minimum. The 230,000 employees often work 12 hour a days, 6 days a week.

The average worker earns less than $17 a day.. Fifteen workers threatened a mass suicide to protest the working conditions of the factory. Most of them are having a health problems.

In 2007 employees worked more than 60 hours a week, 15 years olds were hired, and records were falsified. Working condition is not the only one issue for the Apple. Engineers which Apple needs to assemble the products, barely works for the United States since they are all ‘made in China’ For the United States of America, that is 700,000 jobs which could helps with the high unemployment. The consequences of globalization increased international trade and generate pollution. Wasted are produced from the companies connected to the international trade. Carbon dioxide is a gas used in transport. China was the world’s largest carbon emitting country in international transport, consumption and production.

We should pay more attention according to the CO2 emission from the international trade in order to limit of global emissions. The Paris agreement in 2015 is a part of climate changes in 194 countries around the world. Among six different gases, 52 % is CO2. Because of the international trade grown, international transportation grown as well.

In 2015 trade services were 16,500 billion USD and 2700 billion USD. International trade by sea, air is generating much more carbon emissions. In 2007 CO2 emission were 870 million tons. International trade is responsible for 33% of world trade emissions and 75% for the manufacturing categories. Emissions from the air and maritime sector increased 90% and 64% compared to 1990. The forecast of the CO2 emissions show that maritime transport will increased up to 250%.

The energy consumption in China between 1987-2007 increased. In the City Beijing production growth and population was the reason of the emission growth. Therefore, discussion about carbon emissions and production should receive more attention in the future of global pollutions (Young Y, 2018 ).

Globalization has been going on for thousands of years.


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