MABAYO, Others (please specify): Twice or thrice

MABAYO, RENEBERT JR. A. STEM 12 – D September 4, 2018Availability of Library Resources Affecting STEM Students Academic WorksPresentation, Analysis and Interpretation of DataHow often do you visit the libray? Frequency Percentage Variable38 63.3% Once a week 6 10% Once a month 0 0% Once every six months0 0% Once a year 4 6.7% Never12 24% Others (please specify):Twice or thrice a weekTwice a weekThrice a weekTwice a monthEverydayWhenever I likeEvery class activity3 1 3 1 2 1 1 60 % Base on the data present in table 1, out of 60 respondents, 63.3% visit the library once a week, 24% specified how often they visit the library, 10% visit once a month, and 6.7% indicated they never visit thelibrary. The researchers concluded that more students prefer visiting library once a week which is based on the result of the survey which resulted in 63.

3% responses, the highest percentage among the variables. According to the research of EBSCO (2016), library resources are still the most popular for conducting research, with (64%) using resources found in the library. Meanwhile, in the article of Horrigan (2016) states that Americans with college degrees are especially likely to have visited a public library in the past year (59% have done so), as are women (57%), parents (55%), and 16- to 29-year-olds (55%).

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If you HAVE NOT visited the library, which of the following reasons describes why ? Frequency Percentage 1 25% I didn’t have time 0 I buy books and read them at home 3 75% I get all the information I need from the internet 0 The library is too far0 In the past I didn’t find what I need 0 I don’t know where the library is 0 I don’t need a libray0 I don’t like a library0 I am not comfortable 0 Others (please specify):4 100% Table 2 represents the percentage of the following reasons why some of the respondents never visit the library. 66.6% answered they get the information they need from the internet and 33.

33% respond they didn’t have the time. The researchers concluded that having advance technologies and having internet, compromises the purpose and the use of the libraries. According to Larson and Owusu-Acheaw (2012), the purpose of a library is defeated if its users are not satisfied with the resources. Libraries are at crucial stage because there is pressure and competition created by the new technology and users are faced with a variety of information delivery. What are your main reasons for using the library ? (check all that apply)Frequency Percentage 28 16.3% To borrow academic books 2 1.2% To borrow fiction books 33 19.2% For reference/search3 1.

7% To read a magazine 3 1.7% To read a newspaper 11 6.4% To use the internet33 19.2% To get information for my projects, assignments, etc. 4 2.3% To use the computers 37 21.

5% To study/ work18 10.5% Just to loiter172 100% Base on the present data on table 3, 21.5% use the library to study/work, 19.

2% for reference/search, 16.3% to borrow academic books, 10.5% just to loiter, 6.4% use the internet, 2.3% use the computer, 1.7% to read the magazines, another 1.7% to read newspapers, and 1.2% to borrow fiction books.

The researchers concluded based on the result that the students tend to go to the library for the purpose of studying or doing their tasks; to get information for their projects, assignments, for referencing, etc. To remain relevant, libraries should as matter of necessity have to periodically measure the resources and services of their library as a way of ensuring that they are meeting the set objectives of the library ( Larson & Owusu-Acheaw,2012).On your last visit did you find what you were looking for ? Frequency Percentage 36 64.3% Yes 2 3.6% No 18 32.1% Partly 56 100% In the data present in table 4, the respondents were asked if they have found what they were looking for on their last visit. 64.

3% answered YES, 32.1% for partly, while 3.6 answered NO.

The researchers concluded that the specific library they are studying still satisfies the needs of the students which its resources is still coping up to the measure of library performance. This is because the ultimate goal is to bring the satisfaction to the students (Larson & Owusu-Acheaw, 2012) Do you usually find the books and other materials that you are looking for in the library?Frequency Percentage 4 7.1% Always find49 87.5% Sometimes find3 5.4% Rarely find 0 0% Never find 56 100% In Table 5, the respondents were asked regarding the sufficiency of the the available library materials, whether or not it has been able to meet their needs. 87.5% responsed sometimes find, 7.1% always find and 5.

4% rarely find. The researchers concluded that students who often visit library, not all the times they can find what they need. Although it satisfies them but the library resources were still not enough. Adeniran ( as cited in Larson and Owusu-Acheuw, 2012) states that libraries are therefore established to provide information resources and services to meet users’ information needs.

Mark the reasons that explain why you did not get what you were looking for on your last visit.Frequency Percentage 0 0 Item was checked out0 0 Library had no material on the subject2 100% They do not have enough resources 0 0 The internet signal is weak 0 0 The computers are all in use0 0 Others (please specify):2 100% Table 6 instructed the respondents who haven’t found what they were looking for in their last visit. 100% of them answer that the library do not have enough resources. The researchers concluded base on the result that the library has still a lacking resources which did not satisfy to few students.

The ultimate objective of academic libraries is to meet the information and research needs of users through the provision of services and resources (Larson & Owusu-Acheaw, 2012) Do the library resources affect your academic works?Frequency Percentage 38 63.3% Yes22 36.7% No60 100% In table 7, 63.

3% indicated that the library resourses afftect their academic works while 36.7% answered NO. In what way?Responses CodeIt can help for my homeworks HomeworkMaking assignments HomeworkAssignments etc. HomeworkSubject tasks (assignments, projects) HomeworkIt helps in studying StudiesHelps me a lot in my academic works StudiesSometimes it helps me to answer the questions on my school works StudiesI can study well because it is not noisy StudiesIt lets me use the books for references I need for my work InformationGathering information InformationGaining information InformationGiving information InformationIt provides accurate info. InformationIt helps me to find reliable information InformationLibrary is my primary source InformationIn giving the answer StudiesIt will benefit me StudiesIt helps me in doing it StudiesI can still use the internet InformationIn a good and effective way StudiesHelp me understand a hard topic InformationNo because I don’t usually go in library Not practicedNo because I don’t usually go in library Not practicedIt can help me to learn much better StudiesIt can improve my learning capabilities StudiesIt gives information InformationI don’t visit library Not practicedI don’t usually visit the library Not practiced Base on the findings, the researchers knew that 35.7% of the participants who give their responses in item no.

7 states that library resources affects their academic works through getting information and in their studies, while 14.3% for those participants who states that library resources affects their homeworks and also those who does not practice going to library. The researchers concluded based on the result that the library have an important role to the students which is helping them to make their tasks that was given through getting information and their studies.

It is undeniably that library is really important for the learners because in majority of the findings, it really affects their academic works. According to Jato, Ogunniyi and Olubiyo (2014), students that use school library often perform better in quizzes and examination than students who fail to use the library.Do you still find the library effective?Frequency Percentage 58 96.

7% Yes2 3.3% No60 100% Base on the data that presented on table 8, 96.7% of the respondents still find the library effective while 3.

3% didn’t find the library effective. The researchers concluded that the library was still effective which satisfies them for fulfilling their needs as a students. According to Barclay (2016), In this political climate, academic and public libraries may be in danger. It is because the existence of vast amounts of information – a lot of it free – on the internet. However, In spite of the findings of a survey in which Americans say they are using public libraries less, the usage numbers reported by libraries indicate the opposite. Please give us your thoughts on the following areas of service:a. Reference DeskFrequency Percentage 17 28.

3% Excellent42 70% Good1 1.7% Poor0 0 Very Poor60 100% b. Library ResourcesFrequency Percentage 12 20% Excellent47 78.3% Good1 1.7% Poor0 0 Very Poor60 100% c. Availability of Internet ComputersFrequency Percentage 1 1.7% Excellent36 60% Good17 28.3% Poor6 10% Very Poor60 100% Base on the data presented on table 9, the respondents were required to give their thoughts about the following area of service.

In Reference Desk, 70% answered Good, 28.3% excellent and 1.7 answered Poor In Library Resources, 78.3% inidicated GOOD, 20% answered excellent, and 1.7% poor. And regarding the availability of internet computers, 60% answer GOOD, 28.3% for Poor, 10% for very poor and 1.

7% answer Excellent. The researchers concluded that although some responses excellent, but if you look at the table, majority of the participants responses good. Which tells that although they are satisfied in a specific areas of services in the library, the library is still lacking for some specific needs of the students.

To fill this role, librarians and electronic resources managers need flexible, interoperable resource-discovery systems based on open-source software (Emery, 2013). What are your comments and suggestions about the library resources?Responses CodesStudents should allow to know the wifi password of the library for the reason that if they can’t find a certain information coming from the books and if the internet computers are not available, students can still search it through their cellphones. InternetI suggest that all students should know the wifi password of the school library because sometimes the internet computers are not allowed to use or sometimes it is full. And it is very useful for us students to use only our phones to make a research about the given. InternetPlease allow bringing of foods in the library. Studying is hard and takes a lot of energy. It can make us students hungry. Allow FoodIt doesn’t contain more reference that is all about our topic related to STEM.

Books It is nice and it can help you SatisfiedThey are okay, so there are no comments SatisfiedWifi free accessStrong wifi connection InternetThey should let students access the computers at all time. More computers needed to be installed InternetAll students here at SCC must need to know the wifi password. InternetImprove everything that is needed to improve.

ImprovementThe availability of the internet connection should be improved. They should be strict about being noisy. More tables and chairs and trash bin and every corner.

It is the best if there are more novels and series like Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Maze Runner available. More private rooms for group works and discussions. Extend library hours and strict inspection for those who go out the library regardless if you are a student, a staff or a teacher. InternetIn tutoring room, the aircon should function properly. VentilationI’m contented with everything in library; it doesn’t fails to help us with our research works.

SatisfiedThe internet connection must be available at all times and more chairs. The tutotring room’s air condition must function always. Allow us to charge our cellphones. InternetThere should be more chairs and tables for the students.

Water-leak coming from the air conditioner should be fixed. The rest are good. Chairs & tablesThe facilities are good but the free internet of the student’s didn’t satisfy me if needed. InternetsOn my own perception, I am contented and satisfied the way the library is in the present and I don’t find anything lacking about the library resources. SatisfiedI don’t find anything lacking in terms of the library resources frankly I’m quite satisfied. SatisfiedAll seats are occupied whenever we go there.

Chairs ; tablesAdd more chairs and tables. Make the collaborative room bigger. Chairs ; tablesNone NoneMore books that can helps for the study of the student. BooksEstablished wifi-hotspot.

Provide books that are teachers currently used. InternetMore seats and tables. Chairs ; tablesFree internet connection.More seats and tables. InternetProvide a bunch of study table. Chairs ; tablesMore books that are related to my strand and more chairs, table to accommodate the students. BooksMore study tables. Chairs ; tableMore tables and seats.

More latest books. Chairs, tables ; booksMore tables and latest books. Chairs, tables ; booksGood SatisfiedNeed improvement of their resources, Computer availability, rare books information matter. ImprovementMore study tables Chair ; tablesPlease update the collection of books if possible so that we will have access to timely references in the future. BooksFree internet and more pc units InternetLibrary resources should be arrange every time the students are done using. FacilitiesMore books related to our strand (STEM) BooksMore seats and study table Chairs ; tablesMore computers and fast internet connection InternetMore computers InternetNone NoneNone NoneMore resources can five more efficiently in studying FacilitiesNone NoneMore study tablesMore books related to our subject Chairs ; tablesTo good to us students SatisfiedChange the door that connects the PC building to the library FacilitiesThey’re goodAll are well organized SatisfiedThe space of the library is not quite large Facilities Based on the result, 26.53% constitutes the claim for Internet which has the highest percentage, 16.

33 % for those respondents who were already satisfied, 18.16% for those who suggest for more chair & tables, 10.20% for books, 8.16% for facilities, as well as those who have no comments, 4.08% for those who suggest for improvement as well as among tables, chairs & books suggestion while 2.04% for those who suggests for ventilation and the permission to bring food in the library. The researchers concluded that the specific library they are studying need more improvement specially in the internet connection which has the highest percentage.

According to an article in the Journal of Library Administration (2015),  libraries also need to show how they support the mission and goals of the college. Strategic plans, which set the direction of an organization for the near future, can provide insight into how libraries are prioritizing goals, and the extent to which they are assessing those goals.


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