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Macro forces of the marketing environment ca affect all organisations operating in a market. Eternal marketing environment contain six categories of forces: political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal, these forces are normally uncontrollable and are often called PEST and PESTEL. The micro environment factors are the factors close to a business and have a direct impact on its operations and success.The micro environment is an internal factor this means that It is surrounded by small forces within the organisation that affect the ability to serve its customers.

The customers are the main aspect of the business, they are the whole reason the business is open. clares’s chocolates have an aim that they follow it states ” a place where customers can enjoy the highest quality chocolate, coffee, and tea beverages in style welcoming and cheerful surroundings” clares’s chocolates has used market research in order to find out what the customers want. The media can impact the company in one of two ways, either positive or negative, positive media coverage can “make” a company and negative media coverage can “break” a company. Clares’s chocolates states “the company have never advertised in any media” this means that the company uses word of mouth for the good customers it also relies on the customer loyalty of the customers. Competition is another big factor in the micro environment.

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This could be based around if the organisation has a unique selling point. “the chocolates are prices to reflect their uniqueness and high quality natural ingredients” this states that the chocolates have a unique point of sale which would maybe out do the competition. The macro environment is majorly external and has many uncontrollable factors that influence an organisations decision making and affect its performance and strategies. Some specific examples of the macro environment influence include competitors, changes in the interest rates and the changes in cultural tastes.

The demographic forces in the macro environment this force relates to people, people are important because their needs are the reason for the business existing. In other words, people are driving the force for the development of the market. “clares’s chocolate shop concept was a resounding success with locals and tourists” this is by looking at the location of jobs and seeing who and where people come from to buy from the shop, it also looks at the fact of how easy the shop Is to get to for the tourist that like to site see. The economic forces relate to the forces that affect consumer purchasing power and spending patterns, “sales of the chocolates fluctuate significantly throughout the year, peaking on special days of the year such ad Christmas, ST Valentine’s, and Mother’s Day” this shows that the customers purchasing power is more prevalent on these special days.The technological forces in the macro environment relate to the factors that create new technologies and there by create new products and market opportunities. “there are now eight clares’s chocolate cafes in Scotland and last year the factory moved to a larger premise in order to meet the increase In demand” this Is showing that the café and factory are expanding so this means that they are going further and larger reaching new places.

They are still in competition with other chocolate companies, places like Thornton’s are worldwide and have a store in nearly every big city or town available this is showing that clares’s chocolates café isn’t so technical as we thought.


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