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Maimouna Thera Instructor: Ms.

Gail Sterkel Academic Writing 5/6 Date: 08/02/18 Cause and Effect EssayCheating in school Every action has a percussion even it is good or bad. School systems nowadays are lenient in their guidelines, rules and consequences, thus, causing cheating. Cheating in school is a serious issue that affects so many students throughout their education.

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The choices they make can follow them the rest of their life. They are several ways to cheat: Plagiarizing, copying assignments, looking at another student’s test paper. First of all, the plagiarizing Some students take the convenience of copying someone else’s work when they are given the chance. Other times, students will easily have someone else do their work and turn it in as their own, not noticing the effects this act can create. In fact, it creates no sense of responsibility, and the decrease of creativity ensures that students will not gain new knowledge. These causes, in addition to lack of study skills and procrastination, have the effect of promoting cheating in school.

First, students who copy another student’s work are damage themselves after a period of time. For example, every time they copy or someone else do their work, their creativity level diminished. In order for students to have their minds as function as possible, they have to do their own assignments. Now, students are not capable to write a good fictional story by their own because the computer or someone else can have it done for them.

Letting someone else do their work can create on their mind that life will be handed to them easily. So, “Educators must continue to socialize students of all ages about the importance of maintaining high ethical standards” (Glazer 222). Because the system of education is where students acquire to cheat and continue to carry these behaviors on their professional career when they leave the education system.


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