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Main qualities for successSuccess is earned and will never come if you easily give up from trying to reach it. Success is mainly a result of effort put in. It’s all depends on hard work, dedication, and optimism is needed to become successful. Hard work, dedication, and optimism are all three definite goals needed to be the best at. Once you meet success you must keep working hard, dedicate yourselves, and keep a high level of optimism to stay successful.

If you are positive and work hard to be successful, the chances of you reaching success are much greater. A hard worker may not be the best at everything because of the lack of talent, but you will be one of the best. The effort and time a hard worker puts in gets the job done better than any other and in other words that is dedication. Being dedicated plays a huge role in reaching success. Having dedication will help in long and short-term goals. If one is dedicated to their work they will not leave it out when other obstacles get in the way.

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Having the optimism to meet goals is extremely important. Getting to one’s maximum potential involves a great amount of optimism. Hard work and dedication will make a person successful but adding optimism into the combination will make the person more successful than anyone could imagine.Hard work, dedication, and optimism leads to an enormously successful person. Being successful with these qualities will make you a happier person in the long run. So, have that in your mind when you feel like giving up.

Be determined to reach the goal and success will come on its own.


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