Mainly traffic congestion in the network. Shortest path

Mainly in our technologies, intelligent systems are arising to help develop safety and efficiency services for road transportation. So in the proposed work, provide automatic notification by using control intelligent system with the support of emergency services and Emergency Medical Services. The on-Board Sensors in the car notifies about crash and then it automatically send message to both, ITS and nearby located EMS through wireless communication network. These services will quickly responses, based on shortest path distance, if any of the vehicles crashed at that time, The DSR will implemented for broadcasting the messages to nearby vehicles for avoid traffic congestion in the network. Shortest path algorithm is used for reduce the time consumption during the accidents. So the ITS system can notably reduce the time needed to alert and deploy emergency services after an accident takes place. This system indicate the expected benefits for safety decision support and planning, with the aim to prevent vehicle crashes, and improve the quality of emergency care by using PIR motion sensor which detects the persons in the car at the time of accident occurred and sends the emergency message to the ambulance service.


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