Manners up because the child was a priority.

Manners have changed over time due to lack of respect, busy parents, and technology.      First reason manners changed over time is because children are surrounded by disrespect more such as home, school and television shows now that respect became irrelevant. For example, I have a friend where her son witnesses his mom and father argues right in front of him. So, now when she tries to discipline her child he talks back to her and uses profanity with her because from how he sees his dad talk to her. From what her son is subject too he thinks it is okay to talk to a woman in this manner.

Comparatively, school is also a place where good manners and respect is not shown. When a teacher tells a child to sit down or to be quiet in a classroom children feel like they don’t have to listen to the teacher because they are not their parents or simply because they just want to be defiant. Now, when I was in school and a child was to misbehave and gave the teacher a hard time parent/teacher conferences were scheduled and parents actually made time to come to them. They never made work an excuse not to show up because the child was a priority. Lastly, television is another thing that causes children to disrespect there are so many shows that our children are subject too such as drama, profanity, fights and complete disregard towards one another. For occurrence, there is this show I as of late seen called “growing up hip-hop” Developing up with a popular parent isn’t simple, as the children frequently have to work difficult to rise from their parents’ shadows and pick up freedom — particularly in case they need entertainment careers of their own. “Growing up Hip Hop” records the lives of a tight-knit gather of companions, most of who have at slightest one parent who is popular.

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However, what they don’t show is how bratty these kids are and when something doesn’t go their way. They feel so entitled and think things are supposed to go their way. Most of these kids grew up with a silver spoon in their mouths and been given any and everything they want. So, children, this generation feels as if the same applies to them.     Furthermore, parents are working long hours so children are raised by other caregivers so they do not get the same direction and aptitudes to help them form good manners. Now, when a parent or both work long hours, unfortunately, their children are raised by nannies, daycare, and after-school staff. For example, daycares are not allowed to say NO to children or discipline them. It appears to be broadly acknowledged that teachers do not require being capable of giving lessons about conduct.

That implies it’s up to guardians to instill these values with the constrained time daycares have with their children. Also, many parents feel guilty about all the time they spend at work, so they try to act like their children’s best friend instead of their disciplinarian. Children are moving from home to daycare at least 5 days a week Monday to Friday so by the time parents get off and get home they are too tired to do anything even deal with their own children. To illustrate, I work 5 or 6 days out of the week but I do not work too many hours because I refuse to work so much and have someone else raise my kids. I make my children a priority not an option because, in my opinion, everything starts from home how your children are raised from their behavior, level of respect and discipline. However, as for nannies they are usually at home with the child and are responsible to care for the child or children until the parent returns home. When a nanny/babysitter is in charge, the kids can either be on their best behavior .

.. or their worst. Hence, there shouldn’t be an option children should behave themselves whether mommy and daddy are around or not but it all goes back to parents taking responsibility and teaching their kids manners from the start.       Finally, today’s electronic devices and social media such as YouTube and Facebook lead to a culture of rudeness. Sitting in front of a computer, smartphone or tablet allows us to ignore social etiquette without being held accountable.

Rudeness and meanness can be accomplished anywhere, anytime and to anyone — whether family, friends, co-workers or total strangers — with the help of modern technology. There are some who take pride in expressing bad behavior. They think cyberspace gives them the freedom to say whatever they want when, in reality; it just offers protection for a coward’s attack. With certain media sites such as Facebook and YouTube, children are exposed to so much negativity behavior.

Such as fights, foul language, shows I’m sure many prevent their kids from watching. In addition, it doesn’t just stop there, there are also violent video games, and songs, as well as music videos children, and are subject to as well. Games such as grand theft auto, dead by daylight and Friday the 13th just to name a few. There are blood and gore, intense violence, strong sexual content and use of drugs. For this reason, parents have to stop giving children all these electronic devices and so much access and start talking to our kids.

Ask them how the day was, do more family outings, spend time with them. After all, this can become a great start to a healthy upbringing for our children. To be sure our kids are on to a great start as parents we need to turn off our devices too. How can you expect your child to pay attention to you if you’re not to them?                                               


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