Many him feel like he didn’t belong here

Many main characters develop in films around the world. In the film “The Blind Side”, Michael’s character develops throughout the film as he witnesses and learns from the people around him. Michael was a grew up in the home of his drug-addicted mother. Michael never had a father in his life and felt very sad about it. Furthermore, Michael grew up in a place, where he was exposed to drugs, alcohol, and gang violence. After his Mother was caught by the police for possession of drugs, he was taken away by child services and that’s when he began to run away,(His mother told Leigh Anne that he was a runner) which made him end up homeless.

At the beginning of the film, Michael is isolated, retarded, and homeless. His grades were falling and he was surrounded by a bunch of white people which made him feel like he didn’t belong here and he was also stressed and felt depressed most likely. Also, we learn that he is a shy and careless person, which can be proven because he never talks nor has he ever done homework in his life. However, when Leigh Anne Tuohy entered his life, this all changed and his character began to develop. When Leigh Anne began to nurture and raise Michael properly, he began to become happy because his grades began to gradually impro from a 1.70 to a 2.

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53, which allowed him to graduate. Another essential point was finally having a family which made him the happiest In the movie “The Blind Side”, the thing that made Michael Oher the happiest was finally having a family. This can be proven because, in the movie, Michael was lonely and had no family, and his mother was a drug addict and because of this, he became a runner since she couldn’t even take care of him. However, this all changed after he met Leigh Anne Tuohy because she began nourishing him, giving him a bed, and many things that his “family” of gangs had never given him.

Furthermore, when they got him an ID, insurance, tutor, and truck, he began becoming very talkative and had very protective instincts for them, as they were the people that brought him happiness and he would not want to let anyone talk about them or hurt them, and showed that they were his family. When one of the gang members was talking smack about her and his “Family”, he got angry and beat all of them up. In addition, when Michael ran away after he had thought that they were just trying to use him to play football for Ole Miss, he called them back because they were the people that made him happy. More importantly, when SJ and Michael got in a car crash incident, he showed how much he cared about them and that they were the people that gave him true happiness, he saved SJ from the airbag.

Lastly, a family is what made him truly happy because they are what made him stop being lazy and flip his life around and he did, by becoming an NFL player. Also, he ended up feeling happy after just failing every year of school, Michael finally had the emotions, which made him capable of creating a welcoming zone and to not just ignore people, and judge them too quickly. Subsequently, Michael begins to trust Leigh Anne so much, which can be proven because, at the end of the movie, when he is talking to the NCAA member, he tells her that she didn’t force him and he is going because that’s where his family went. This shows, that Michael did see them as his true family, and like a real family. Additionally, Michael ends up physically strong because of the training SJ gave him, which allowed him to play football better since, with the training, he could push people at ease. Lastly, Michael ends up happy, learns not to judge people too quickly, and builds an emotional connection with the Tuohy’s, which was so strong that even if they went to hell, he would run after them.

The movie Simon Birch is similar, as Joe’s character develops throughout the film. At the beginning of the film, Joe did not believe in God and felt that God was just some rubbish people made up. However, when he saw the faith and determination Simon had, especially when Simon died, he became a believer and began to psychologically believe in God. Furthermore, he becomes happy that Simon saved the kids and now understands what truly is as stated by the bible.

Additionally, Simon made Joe happy because he saved those kids and was always there for him, especially when he found out who his father was. More importantly, Joe became ended up happy that he went with Ben instead of his biological father, as Ben cared about Joe more than the Raven, who was a hypocrite and left his Mom to take care of Joe. Lastly, Joe begins to believe in the end that Simon truly was God’s instrument and was going to do something great in life, as he used to tell Joe, which was saving the kids from the bus. Overall, main characters around the world can develop fast or slowly depending on what they witness in life, which causes change


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