Many change management in Mauritius, both at

Many organizations be it public sector or the private sector, has undergone and is currently undergoing a series of significant organizational changes, mainly due to mandates brought about by public sector reform policy. Present trends in change and change management in Mauritius, both at the private and state level, reflect a sense of urgency on the part of governments to revitalize a Public Service that is able to sustain continuity and change.

This is based on the premise that it is only through reform that the Public Service will be able to address the challenges of a rapidly-changing world. However, this means that public sector employees are now called upon to adjust their thinking and practices to respond to the changing needs and expectations demanded of them by governments. One recent and very famous change has been in the National Identity Card Unit, Mauritius. As from 1st October 2013, the former national ID system has been replaced by the Mauritius National Identity Scheme (MNIS). This project was long overdue since the former ID card dated back to 1986 and it was a major Cabinet Decision to bring about this change. With the advent of the new ID Card System which uses smart card technology, the Government has set up the appropriate infrastructure that guarantees a more modern and secure ID card and a new, reliable, computerized Central Population Database system.

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The vision of the Government is to have a modern and innovative society where modern logistics can meet the demands of the population.


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