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Many people argue that they are quite busy in their professional lives, and they are not able to take care of their old parents, because of a shortage of time that why they send them to an old age home. I totally disagree with this argument. If you don’t have time that doesn’t mean that you have to send your parents to such a place which is not actually their home.

Yes, at the old age they act like a child and they need someone who is constantly available for taking care of them. If you are busy and came home late at night, so hire a trusty servant for them. It’s your responsibility to look after your parents as they look after you when you were a child. If you visit old age homes than you will come to know that many people there are not comfortable and satisfied, they miss their children, grandchildren, their memories and much more. If you are thinking of sending your parents to an old age home, suppose yourself as a parent and your child is sending you to an old age home.

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Does it feel comfortable to you? In the end, I just wanted to say that old age homes are the worse place for an old person than their own homes.


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