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Many people may be against single parent adoption for one main reason. They may think that the child needs a stable family environment with a mother and father. But however, the main purpose of adoption in addition of saving a life of a possible victim of abuse, neglect, and homelessness, is to provide children a loving and caring parent disregarding if the person who is adopting the child is a single mother, a single father or a couple. There are no scientific facts proving that a two-parent household is better for a child than a single parent household. However, single parents are usually of higher education and most of the times have higher incomes in comparison to the other countries average since most of the times, single parents dedicated most of their life, making a good economy, or just working hard to get the type of life they want to live. They have focus on their careers and have established a type of life and a stable home in which the upcoming child is free to grow without any restrictions and necessities. On the other hand, divorced parents most of the time are dealing with emotional and finance stress, which can negatively affect the child and his/her development since a child’s mental state depends on the support that he/she receives within his or her home. Based on an article from New York Times, “Out of one-fifth of the nation’s 51.1 million Caucasian children, over half of the 9.8 million African American children and almost one-third of the 7 million Hispanic children live with one parent due to divorce and unwed mothers “. Also according with ;a government official page, single parents would be able to adopt a child as long as they count with the help of a close friend, a family member, etc. that could be able to help the single parent to pick up the child from school if something unexpected happened, a reliable person that would answer the phone in the middle of the night and will come help if the single parent or the child is sick. In other words, according to the statistics shown above, there is no reason to discriminate against a single person for adopting a child when he or she is quite capable of providing a stable and nurturing environment since in all over the world. Also adoption of a child from a single parent is valid when the parent count with the help of a reliable person that will go over to help you if something unexpected happen with the child or the parent.


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