Many show high satisfaction towards their work and

Many researchers have studies link between psychological ownership and job satisfaction (Van Dyne & Pierce, 2004; Vandewalle et al.

, 1995) but lack of studies on the relationship between psychological ownership and work performance. So, this study attempt to explore the influence of psychological ownership on work performance. There are some studies conducted on this relationship. Theory has suggested that employees who feel and act like an owner will predicted to take personal risk, responsibility and accountability towards their action decision on organization (Sidin, Sambasivan & Muniandy, 2010). So, organization success depends on the sense of ownership cultivate by employee. Other studies stated that psychological ownership is known as positive source of performance (Avey, Avolio, Crossley, and Luthans, 2009) .

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It is because employees will show high satisfaction towards their work and show more interest in organization when they develop sense of ownership. This can be concluded that when employees have greater interest towards their work will stimulate them to perform better. According to the study conducted by Ghafoor (2011), psychological ownership develops self-efficacy, belongings, and self-identity within employee which leads to sense of commitment.

This findings have been proven that employees with high level of commitment will encourage them to perform better in organization (Khan, Ziauddin, Jam, and Ramay, 2010).


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