Many available to veterans serve as a

Many veterans cannot receive proper attention because they are simply falling through the cracks.

The problem lies in the fact that most programs are geared towards helping veterans on active duty, but fail to designate help to those veterans once they are discharged. The current programs that are in place are mostly ineffective. According to Thomas B. Edsall and Dr. Rachel Nardin , “the programs that are currently available only provide short term answers to a long term problem” (Nardin 1) Ineffective veteran healthcare programs are the reason many Vietnamera veterans are homeless. The programs that are currently available to veterans serve as a stop gap instead of providing long term solutions to their healthcare needs.

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The programs that are in place today need to be re-adjusted so that today’s veterans won’t end up like the veterans of the past. There need to be a major makeover of all the programs that are currently available to cut down on expenditures and improve the services provided by these programs.The Healthcare problem affecting our service men and women is also affecting millions of Americans around the country.

The Healthcare system in the United States is in dire need of reform. How can we expect veterans to get proper healthcare when regular civilians can’t even get treatment like citizens in other countries do? The government sees these Americans as statistics and numbers instead of seeing them as fathers, mothers, brothers, co-workers, and friends. Private insurance companies are one of the evils in this country. When people think about criminals, most people think about the felons and rapists that are in jail, not about the corrupt politicians and private insurance managers lining their pockets with money from the profits of the private insurance companies; these same companies charge veterans an arm and a leg for services. Politicians are reluctant to cut out the private insurance companies because they have lobbyists that make huge donations to the politician’s elections efforts in return for the politician’s loyalty. This vicious cycle in turn makes it harder for the veterans to get proper healthcare.

Veterans are also an important part of our country since many of our professors, doctors, nurses, cops, and firefighters are veterans.


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