Maria never shown love until she meets

Maria Gomez Prof.

J. BuettnerEnglish 100/100s7 November 2018Sisterhood Every woman should have a friendship with a female because it creates a sisterhood. The sisterhood helps a lot of women to become a better person. The novel, The Color Purple by Alice Walker is about a girl named Celie who has suffered lots of trauma from men that she meets in her life.

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She was never shown love until she meets Shug Avery. Throughout the novel, she showed a major character development because of the female relationship she had with. Nettie, Shug Avery, and Sophia. Each of these female characters uses their friendship to overcome the problems that they have in their lives. The theme of sisterhood is important in the novel because the men oppressing them causes the women to depend on each other.  Alice Walker shows sisterhood in different ways in the novel through biological sisterhood, sexual relationship, motherly and friendship. The most important female relationship in the novel would be between Nettie and Celie. They have the strongest female bond.

They both cared for each other. From Nettie teaching Celie how to write, Celie offering herself to Mr., and the two being separated for a long time. Yet, that never ruined their relationship. Nettie runs away and goes to Mr.’s house and stays with them. While she was staying their Mr.

was trying to flirt with her. But Nettie wasn’t returning it back to him, he kicked her out. Celie wasn’t trying to let him do that but it happened. Before Nettie left she says, “Nothing but death can keep me from it. She never write.” (18). The point that Nettie makes is that having Mr.

separating her from her sister won’t make a difference because they would find a way to communicate, which is through the letters they both send to each other. Celie never received the letters because Mr. hid them, but Nettie continued to send them. The determination of their communication with one other is very important with them because even if they are far from each other or don’t know if they are alive, they would still send letters to each other to update each other’s lives. Also, Nettie says “death” for a reason because the only way that their strong bond would break is if one of them dies, Celie to have “death” stuck in her mind when her sister doesn’t write back for a really long time. Celie then becomes a different person when she notices that her sister doesn’t write back to her, making her think she lost her bond with her sister.

Celie says, “I think bout Nettie, dead” (20). Celie becomes worried about her sister. Celie feels it’s her fault that she didn’t speak up to Mr.

as Nettie did. The reason Celie didn’t speak up is that the men in her life have physically and sexually abused her at a young age. She didn’t speak up to the men because they made her fragile. Compared to Nettie, she spoke up to Mr.

telling him to not have her go. Nettie had the confidence because she wasn’t in the same position as her sister. Nettie wasn’t raped at a young age or was physically abused by men. Walker showed sexual relationship between two characters in the novel. Besides her sister, this is the first time she has someone in her life that she truly loves. Shug Avery caused a huge character development in Celie.

 Shug Avery is a free, independent, and strong woman. The development that Celie has develop with Shug Avery was her sexual and gaining more self-confident. When Celie goes to Harpo’s pub she see Shug and says, “All the men got they eyes glued to Shug’s bosom.

I got my eyes glued there too. I feel my nipples harden under my dress. My little button sort of perk up too. Shug, I say to her in my mind, Girl, you looks like a real good time, the Good Lord knows you do” (Walker ). Celie expresses her feelings for Shug deeply by being sexually excited when she sees her in that dress.


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