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Marilyn MonroeHope SawickiBeloved actress and hollywood goddess, the ‘late’ Ms. Marilyn Monroe was found dead laying next to a selection of empty sleeping pills in her house on August 5th 1962. She was pronounced dead on the scene from ‘possible suicide’. While most of the world mourned her death, many other people looked into how the alluring actress really died. Marilyn Monroe did not commit suicide, but was murdered because of her affair with the Kennedy’s.

When the coroner examined Ms. Monroe’s body they found no traces of pill residue in her system, the scene was very bizarre, Monroe’s coroner Thomas Nogueni autopsy notes show unusual results, and again the affair with the Kennedy’s The police say that Marilyn Monroe died from suicide but during Marilyn’s autopsy her coroner found such high levels of nembutal 1 and chloral hydrate 2 in her blood they couldn’t test how much CH was in her liver because before testing the organ disappeared that it was enough to “kill an elephant” and she would have had to swallow 77-80 pills. Yet she would have died before digesting all of them and the digestive system stops functioning when you die, but Thomas Nogueni found no traces of pills in her stomach. He also looked for refractile crystals 3 in the stomach with a polarized microscope 4 and found nothing. Which leads people to think maybe she was injected? But this theory was quickly shut down when they found no needle or injection sites on the body.

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This made Dr Nogueni believe that Marilyn was given a drug laced enema. Dr. Sidney S.

Weinberg a chief medical examiner states that typical in OD cases the person in the stages of dying will throw up as a way for their body to try to save itself yet the scene was very clean, which leads me to my next piece of evidence.”It was the most obviously staged death I have ever seen”. This was said by Commander Jack Clemmons, one of the first responders to Marilyn Monroe’s death scene. When Marilyn was found, there were empty pill bottles and evidence shown above says she would have had to swallow a lot of pills to die the way she did, yet there was no glass of any liquids in order to get all the pills down. Examiners discovered she had cyanosis, this means she had turned blue from a very sudden death, which doesn’t make sense with an overdose. She had small fracture lines on her ribs, vertebrae and pelvic bones as well as a mysterious bruise on her back “near her hip that has never been fully explained” -Dr.

Nogueni. There were lividity 6 marks on her arms, back and legs which happen when the body is moved after death. The marks indicate that she was moved once, 4 hours after death and then again into the position she was found infaced down in bed naked, draped with her blankets. Phone call records put Ms.

Monroe on the phone with her ex step son around 9-10 o’clock pm, who claims she was in a happy state. The time between that and the time she was found dead is about 6 hours, enough time for a “clean-up”. Commander Clemmons even calls out the LAPD in an interview for covering up Marilyn’s murder and staging a suicide, but why?Marilyn Monroe is believed to have been killed by the U.S government because of her plausible affair with one or more of the Kennedy’s. Marilyn was said to be in a happy state the time of her death and that she couldn’t have committed suicide, which according to many pieces of evidence could be the truth. On August 4 1962 hours before Monroe is found, Bobby Kennedy and brother in law Peter Lawford are said to be at Marilyn’s house. Marilyn’s maid, Eunice Murray confirms in an interview that there was in fact an affair with Bobby Kennedy and that he was at the house on August 4th(along with Peter on the night of Marilyn’s death). Commander Clemmons was the first responder to this scene, he explained that there was the maid and two doctors at the scene whose stories seemed “very rehearsed” and didn’t always quite add up.

Besides the bizarreness of the scene, the Kennedy brothers have a strong motive to kill Ms.Monroe because supposedly she kept a journal of secrets they told her, also the affair was also at risk of becoming public. Both the brothers knew how big of a risk this was to both of their jobs and reputations which is why the government could have ‘taken care’ of it for them. According to James C. Hall, a potential witness was in the ambulance that responded to the case and he claims he saw Marilyn’s psychiatrist Dr. Greenson, who was setup by Bobby to inject Marilyn in the chest with a needle that noticeably harmed a rib.

Even though the coroner found no injection sites body the story can explain the fracture on her ribs and he could have easily missed one. Commander Clemmons also says that he could visibly see that the body was bruised when he entered the room. Peter Lawford later confessed to writers that “Bobby Kennedy was determined to shut her up, regardless of the consequences” because he Peter was overwhelmed with guilt and “It was the craziest thing he ever did – and I was crazy enough to let it happen”. With the help of many pieces of evidence you can see that Marilyn Monroe did not commit suicide, but was murdered. When the coroner examined Ms.

Monroe’s body they found no traces of pill residue in her system, the scene was very bizarre, Monroe’s coroner Thomas Nogueni autopsy notes show unusual results, and the affair with the Kennedy(‘s).


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