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Marine KhachatryanBernadette AnayahESLW 32027 August 2018What Do We Need for Succeed in College?What skills are you needed to succeed in college? People who has the goal can achieve college success by working hard. If you understand the importance of diligence you will be succeed. To succeed in college, you must focus on your skills, attendance and be organized and stable.    First, if you want to succeed in college you must focus on your skills, not just on your grades. You need to improve your writing, reading and thinking skills.

These skills are important and will help you be more educated. Grades are important for me too, but if I get bad grades, I don’t worry much, they help me to improve my skills and educate me. Everyone learns from their mistakes. Grades are only one calculation of our progress. Only we know what we learn, and we need to learn. Don’t forget that managers always expect from us real knowledge and abilities.    Second, the important thing is your attendance. Instructors pay attention to your level of participation during the semester.

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If you want to be a successful college student, you must attend as many classes as you can. Nowadays some teachers use only online classes, but for me, it is essential to be in the classroom, because they give you more information and explain the importance of the grammatical rules from the units better that you would not know in another way.    Third, it is essential for you to be organized and stable. You must keep very carefully the syllabus that you are handed at the beginning of the semester as they include all course information, assignments, due dates, grading, class etiquette and other class policies, as well as instructors’ tell information and office hours. Keep it into an organizer on your computer or phone and add homework assignments as they are given. After that, you need to hand on all assignments and papers on time. These will help to pass your final exam and getting good grades that will help you to complete your college degree.

You must make a rule to study regularly.      In conclusion, being successful student requires to focus on skills, attendance and be organized and stable.  After all, we are learning to educate ourselves, not to show the piece of paper to our relatives. Our instructors can teach us, but no one else can learn for us. Learning is our job and only we are responsible for it.


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