Marketing (Sorger, 2012). Good leadership is also important

Marketing Planning and Leadership
Marketing Planning and Leadership
A marketing plan is important as it directs and provides investors with the guidelines and information, which helps them in implementing the marketing plan successfully (Sorger, 2012). The employees of an organization are important in providing necessary support by performing different roles, which enables an organization to implement a marketing plan effectively (Sorger, 2012). Good leadership is also important to motivate and encourage employees if an organization does not have adequate resources to reward its employees through different forms of rewards, which may include salary raise or promotions (Sorger, 2012). In this scenario, a small start-up management consulting business will be helpful to the small businesses, which are struggling to achieve their goals.
This will also be an opportunity to provide its services to this group since there are no other consulting businesses to compete with the firm. The marketing strategy to be implemented by a leader for the consulting business to be effective would involve good positioning (Sekhon & Chartered Institute of Marketing, 2012). This will involve determining the types of clients who are small business firms and their specific needs which have presented a problem to them in achieving their set goals and objectives. In effective positioning, it is important to seek expert advice, which will help the firm in developing effective decisions (Sekhon & Chartered Institute of Marketing, 2012). Positioning is an effective strategy in enabling an organization to have a competitive advantage over other firms and attract new customers by introducing a new service in the market.
Since there are no other competitors in the market, marketing will provide important information about the consultation services to the small businesses in the community (Sekhon & Chartered Institute of Marketing, 2012). The marketing segmentation to use would be geographical segmentation since most of the needs are based on the geographical aspects as these businesses are facing similar geographical barriers (Dolnicar, 2018). These small businesses share common needs since the businesses are located in the same geographical environment, which can be targeted using similar approaches. Since these businesses are struggling, it is evident that the businesses have common characteristics, which will enable the consultation firm to address these group using common strategies (Dolnicar, 2018). Based on these needs, this market is expected to respond in a positive way.
The implementation plan will involve the development of marketing objectives to be achieved by the new consultation firm where different resources are allocated to ensure that all marketing processes are undertaken effectively (Barta & Barwise, 2016). Different employees will also perform different roles all aimed at achieving the desired goals of providing consultation services to the struggling small businesses (Barta & Barwise, 2016). An evaluation or a review process should be integrated in the process to determine the performance in achieving the set goals and the implementation of any new strategies to cover any deficits, which might be present (Barta & Barwise, 2016). It is important for the leader to use an effective leadership style, which will inspire and encourage his/her team members in implementing the marketing strategy.
The democratic leadership style is one of the most effective leadership approaches to inspire members of an organization as this style involves other member of the organization in the decision-making process (Barta & Barwise, 2016). This is beneficial to a leader as it provides members of the organization with an opportunity to participate in the decision-making process where they are able to give their opinions as well as express any concerns (Barta & Barwise, 2016). Reward power can be used to influence the team members, which can be applied by rewarding employees as a way of influencing their actions in the organization. Different rewards can be used which may include tangible things or intangible rewards which may include praises and recognition (Barta & Barwise, 2016).
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