Marriott industry from the beginning. They are

Marriott international, is a multinational hospitality company that manages and franchises a huge hotel chain. They provide many facilities and services to their customers. Marriott is leading the industry from the beginning. They are running their business in more than 79 countries.

They have build three theam parks. They offer best service in low cost. Also, in some of their hotel dictpuns and gurenties are given to their share holders and customers. In this company the employees work like a family. The unique thing I noticed about them is that they are the first hotel chain who serves food free of trans fat at all of its North American properties. Moreover, they are the first hospitality company who offered online booking service to their customers.

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They have the first motor hotel, first drive in and the first chain of hotels that is designed for business travellers. Marriott is known for its culture that puts people first. They are growing globally. They are opening a world full of experiences and opportunities for people from every where


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