Marvin projects. 2. Cost and Maintenance of the

Marvin was the chief executive officer for his company.

End of the day, all the decisions which needs to be incorporated were based on him. All decisions which needs to be taken where completely in his shoes. In the past, he used to bid only for the fixed price contracts which are mainly temporary contracts. In the competitive bidding, they should consider different market environments, Resources, time and people. Here are some of the factors that Marvin and his team should analyze:1. Regarding Profits: In order to get the bid, should they bid at low cost as they may lose all their earnings.

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They need to check the profit on the previous projects.2. Cost and Maintenance of the Bid: Team should analyze the time and resources that are needed to complete and approximate cost for which the project can be bid.3.

Impact on the Business: Several factors that lead to the growth of their company should also be considered like availability of resources and the expenses that can be incurred.4. Regarding Payment: They need to check if the client pays them in time for this project.5. Relationship in Future: If Marvin and his team wants to establish a good relationship with the client, then long term strategy should also be considered at the time of competing for any bid.


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