Master integrate the data used throughout its entire

Master of Science in Materials and Production Engineering Course Name: Enterprise Information Systems (145489) Enterprise Information Systems proposal on: La Sportiva S.P.A Impact of after sale customer Service Quality on customer satisfactionSubmitted to: Professor Luisa MichBy: Asfaw, Redae Fisseha (Mat. No: 196477)September: 2018, Trento (ITALY)Enterprise Information Systems proposal on La Sportiva S.P.A1. Abstract Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) are companywide Information Technology (IT) systems that companies use to combine multiple business functions information into one data warehouse.

They “enable a company to integrate the data used throughout its entire organization.” The plethora of information technologies developed and improved over the last few decades has made business decisions easier for managers who now have all of the relevant information available from one access point without the fear of missing or overlapping information. A problem that results from this convenience is that all company information is now available in one location. This centrality makes a company’s intellectual property, one of its core competitive advantages, more vulnerable.Nowadays, online product communities have turned into an integral element of Web-based strategies of many corporations. This facility allows customers to be kept in touch with producer companies. Hence, these conditions raising the importance of customer experience and satisfaction in the online environment as well.

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The internet has transcended us from the traditional shopping era into a new and more efficient era called “e-commerce”. Globally, shoppers are gaining tremendous benefits from purchasing goods and services from cyberspace. The internet permits the 24/7 and 365 days availability of goods and services with little or no cost.1. Design of a module of Information System2. Introduction: Overview and background of the companyLa Sportiva S.

P.A. is one of the market leaders in the production and sale of footwear: mountain footwear, hiking, climbing and mountain running shoes. For several years the company has also been a significant player in the world of outdoor accessories. This company, which has been operating for more than 80 years in Val di Fiemme, firmly believes in the sustainable development of its own future, recognizing the protection of the environment as one of its business priorities.The Company was founded by Narciso Delladio in 1928, and became renowned worldwide. La Sportiva has always been a family business, run by the managing director and chairman Lorenzo Delladio, by the production manager Marco Delladio and by the fourth generation of the family Giulia Delladio, in charge of the retail project and the brand stores. Recently the Company has grown, to an exhaustive range of products covering all approaches to the mountain and comprising footwear and apparel – both technical and for leisure time – that are particularly suitable for activities such as climbing, trekking, ski mountaineering, trail running and mountain climbing.

The Company is world leader in the production of climbing shoes and has its head office in Ziano di Fiemme at the foot of the Dolomites. La Sportiva works in the footwear industry with the aim of providing the best possible products for those who frequent the mountains in any way and at any altitude.Every day, La Sportiva manufactures several products for the wor-ldwide outdoor sports market: climbing shoes, outdoor technical apparel, trail running footwear, hiking shoes, ski-mountaineering boots and high-altitude boots. Offering a wonderful sports expe-rience also for youngsters by providing mountain shoes with top comfort and safety is another essential challenge to nourish the passion for the outdoors in the new generations.The technical features of each model are the result of the continuous exchange of information between the R;D department and top international athletes and are designed on a daily basis.

This is how the Company comes up with the different manufacturing techniques, technologies and technical strategies that make each product unique and irreplaceable.La Sportiva’s products are the result of the skills and production techniques developed over the years and in combination with a creative, conceptual approach that allows to test new materials and solutions to meet the needs of people with a passion for the mountains. This makes La Sportiva, to all intents and purposes, a local business that has earned a leading role worldwide in the outdoor shoes and mountain equipment sector, starting out from its family roots and traditional Trentino craftsmanship. Passion in it’s unique and original form is La Sportiva distinctive attribute and it’s the result of an intense daily commitment by the Company and its’ workers to continiously improve and never rest on it’s laurels. Altogether, this leads to extremely high-quality products, which, in La Sportiva core activity/approach this is the ability to combine technology and design to create and offer the whole world a vast range of outdoor sports products.Innovation is integrated in all aspects of La Soprtiva’s production, especially with regard to climbing, which is the Company’s core business.

In this specific sector, the company produces shoes and apparel for all conditions: from bouldering to long trails, from rock faces to cliffs, they guarantee excellent performance, sensitivity, comfort and durability. La Sportiva designs equipment for trail and off-road running: from ultra-marathons to short and long-distance tracks, from skyraces to vertical kilometre, in the mountains or in the city.For lovers of trekking, mountain climbing on dirt roads and ski-mountaineering, the shoes, equipment, ski boots and skis are the result of the application of innovative technologies and materials that can ensure excellent performance, lightness, technical quality and comfort.

Whether it is trekking, backpacking or hiking carrying heavy loads (depending on the altitudes and latitudes), ski-touring, backcountry, racing and free-riding, there is specific equipment for all uses, thoroughly designed to ensure protection and safety in any weather conditions. La Sportiva also wishes to help people get to know the mountains, and to this end produces very versatile footwear models that are ideal for hiking and less extreme activities, vie ferrate and low-level climbing.Global Presence & Business UnitsLa Sportiva owns and operates its own state-of-the-art factory in Italy. This small, 250 person, factory is truly an anomaly in today’s footwear world characterized by hyper-competitiveness and extreme pricing pressures which have lead most modern outdoor footwear companies to the solution of outsourced production contractors. The factory is located in Ziano di Fiemme, a small mountain village in the heart of the Italian Dolomites. The tradition and heritage of handmade footwear lives on in this magical alpine valley existing in the shadows of jagged limestone peaks and glaciated valleys where alpine masters such as Bonatti and Messner plied their craft.In 1984, La Sportiva became a corporation, thus completing its transformation into a glocal company: starting from the family roots and the traditional mountain craftsmanship, the Company has achieved worldwide leadership while remaining closely bound to its identity and local values.In 1991, La Sportiva purchased 50% of the independent distribution company La Sportiva France Sarl to increase its penetration and control of the French market, which was considered of crucial importance.

Afterwards, the French company was purchased in full in 2016.In 2000, distribution in America was entrusted to the company La Sportiva North America Inc. In America, La Sportiva is a market leader mainly due to the mountain boots.2011 saw the incorporation of the new company Fujan La Sportiva CO. ltd together with the Chinese manufacturer that produces the mountain running footwear range. This is a strategic commercial structure for better cover of the Chinese market.Today, La Sportiva directly or indirectly controls several companies that carry out activities complementary and functional to the Group’s core business. La Sportiva’s products are appreciated worldwide, and the brand is now synonymous with quality, innovative technical products for the mountain everywhere.

Thus, it is no wonder that exports have reached nearly 80%; some of the main markets are Europe, USA and then Asia. Even though the Company comprises hundreds of workers, manages huge economic interests and makes decisions on an international scale, the corporate governance is streamlined and dynamic, thus always ensuring top quality and responsibility on the part of the governing body.Corporate level integrated management systemLa Sportiva was the first company worldwide in the outdoor footwear industry to adopt an Integrated Quality and Environment System. In 1997 the Company boasted a Certified Quality Management System as per the UNI ISO 9002 standard, which in 2003 was turned into an Integrated Management System for Quality (UNI ISO 9001) and Environment (UNI ISO 14001).La Sportiva commits on a daily basis to boosting innovation and creativity in order to always guarantee top-quality products. All aspects regarding company organisation are clearly defined and all steps are consistently monitored through regular checks and assessed through performance indicators.For this reason, La Sportiva manufactures shoes in the environment where they belong: the Dolomites. And out of respect for the mountain area, great care is taken of environmental issues.

These principles prompt an in-depth critical analysis of all processes, in an attempt to identify useful actions that may prevent and reduce to a minimum the impact resulting from the operations. This commitment to the environment is also demonstrated by the regular checks on emissions and air quality in the production area, as well as by the effort made to recover as much processing waste as possible and the constant search for new ways of recycling.This commitment to sustainability comes from passion and is based on the awareness that adopting an Integrated Quality and Environment Management System will bring concrete benefits for all the parties involved: customers, suppliers, company, workers and ultimately the whole community they work in.

Laudon ; Laudon model: Diagram and DescriptionA Business Model is a sustainable way of doing business. Because sustainability stresses the ambition to survive over time and create a successful, perhaps even profitable, entity in the long run.The Business Model (BM) concept has become one of the most important domains in the field of Information Systems (IS). It is used also for a broad range of informal and formal descriptions to represent core aspects of a business, including purpose, business process, target customers, offerings, strategies, infrastructure, organizational structures, sourcing, trading practices, and operational processes and policies including culture.With the rapid global growth in electronic commerce (e-commerce), businesses are attempting to gain a competitive advantage by using e-commerce to interact with customers. Nowadays, online shopping is a fast growing phenomenon. Growing numbers of consumers shop online to purchase goods and services, gather product information or even browse for enjoyment.

Online shopping environments are therefore playing an increasing role in the overall relationship between marketers and their consumers. Even if La Sportiva is one of the world wide market leaders in the production and sale of footwear: mountain footwear, hiking, climbing and mountain running shoes and a significant player in the world of outdoor accessories, the company is facing many customer complaints through the online outlets that the comapany is reaching to customers about the online service they offer and communicate with them.It is obvious that if a company needs to stand out from it’s competitors, it should consistently exceed customers’ expectations and solve the issues like: What are the typical response times in the industry and of it’s biggest competitors? How can I beat that? What level of service are prospective customers used to, and how can repeatedly improve on their expectations to delight them over time? When companies think in this way, company’s unique definition of great service that others will then have to compete against can be established easily. Fig 1: The Laudon model of La Sportiva1. The proposed moduleCustomer satisfaction is vital for any business development these days. In e-commerce business, customers are company’s lifeblood and nobody don’t want to do anything to upset them.

Rather companies are concerned about everything that’d satisfy them about the services. Customers must never doubt companies. Companies business will only progress if people have good things to say about the product and service you provide. Every e-commerce business tries to assist customers with the best services yet there are some lacks in the services which reduce the business sales and eventually result in loss. So in this part the Model presented describes the factors affecting customer satisfaction in e-commerce for which, it provides new opportunities to export goods and provide services more widely in a condition that the company can be the leading and competitive in the market and to discuss how you can take customer satisfaction to next level by following the best possible strategies. But, if customer satisfaction is not at the required standard level the company suffers for retaining customers. The Internet and Web development have been the most exciting developments in the field of information and communications technology in recent years. With increasing Internet access, the use of e-commerce services by the population is booming globally and locally in Italy.

Managing customer trust, satisfaction, and loyalty attitudes of e-commerce services is very important for the long-term growth of many businesses. Previous research has shown that e-retailers experience difficulty maintaining customer loyalty despite the recent rapid growth in Business to Customer (B2C) e-commerce applications. Numerous studies have empirically examined B2C e-commerce customer trust, satisfaction, and loyalty attitudes in various countries. E-commerce system websites have helped to grow the business into the international field. In the long term in view, it is very important for a business to manage satisfaction, belief, and customer loyalty in the adoption of E-commerce services for business development.ObjectiveThe purpose of this paper to asses and propose the best possible after sale customer service options so as to solve the customer review complains through all the communication options provided by the company. The concepts of customer satisfaction and customer retention have gained increasing importance in both online and off-line businesses. So, the primary objective of this proposal is intended to ascertain the factors that affect online consumers’ after sale satisfaction and service in La Sportiva S.

P.A. and to identify the most important website elements of e-commerce with respect to the customer satisfaction and examine what is important to the customer with regard to after sale service attributes. 2. RequirementsThe World Wide Web is one of the most important Internet services, and has been largely responsible for the phenomenal growth of the Internet in recent years. An increasingly popular and important Web-based activity is e-commerce, in which various types of financial transactions are carried out or facilitated using the Web. It is widely expected that e-commerce activity will continue to grow and that it will be a significant component of the global economy in the near future.

E-commerce is an increasingly significant part of the global economy. Users of E-commerce Web sites often have high expectations for the quality of service, and if those expectations are not met, the next site is only a click away. A number of performance problems have been observed for E-commerce Web sites, and much work has gone into characterizing the performance of Web servers and Internet applications.

An important issue in designing e-commerce systems is to characterize the customer’s requirements for satisfactory service. Parameters which affect a customer’s satisfaction with an E-Commerce system include the response time, number of clicks needed to find what they want, amount of information they are required to give, and predictability of the service received.In LA Sportiva S.P.

A., even if the company’s web site and social media integration is one of the best and most attractive there are so many customer complaints and reviews with regard to after sale customer service quality as shown in the back page APENDIX attached here with this paper.So, If La Sportiva want to solve customer satisfaction stand out from other competitors, consistently exceed its customers’ expectations. And the company is required to set expectations by asking the following questions and resolve the issues: on• How quickly respond to customers?• How the customer service team behave when dealing with customers (tone, language, and attitude)?• How the customer service team handle disagreements?• What (if anything) the customer service team can not able to support?• Who in the company is responsible for customer service?• What ethical principles will the customer service team hold to?• Decide which channels to support• Providing live chat and phone call in addition to the social media options already in place because the best companies are successful due to their effective offer of live chat seven days a week, a really robust FAQ section, and even let their customers fax. On social, they help customers find the right product, direct customers to repair services, and more. They also encourage customers to be brand advocates and help share their stories, further promoting the idea of their great customer service experience.3. Type of system3.

Web presence strategyA web strategy is a long-term strategic business plan indicating how to create and develop a company’s online presence adhering to the business development strategy. Depending on the business maturity, immediate needs, and long-term goals, the program should yield different results. e.g.

if the business is only starting to tap into the online space, then the web strategy program will outline how the business should position itself online, what online media it should use to spread its message, how it should communicate with the customers, what services and products it should provide online, and what supporting infrastructure for the online operation should be in place. La Sportiva Web Presence MapA web presence is a location on the World Wide Web where a person, business, or some other entity is represented. A Web presence is a collection of Web files on a particular subject and/or has been long connected with that of the company or organization website. The diagram is called the presence map and enriches the framework proposed in (Mich, 2010) for the classification and analysis of online spaces to be included in a Web presence strategy. Presence maps allow also to quickly analyse and compare different web presence strategies.

As the web continues to hold strong as the primary avenue for marketing, advertising, customer feedback and branding, more and more organizations and brands are in favor of optimizing their entire web presence. Unlike more focal avenues for lead acquisition (i.e. search engine optimization), developing a web presence strategy can be the fuel that takes a company to the next level.

With a comprehensive web presence strategy, businesses and brands can create synergy with their online marketing efforts. For example, developing a strong social media presence can help increase domain authority. Inters of the basic web presence requirements La Sportiva Web Presence Map is one of the best and timely updated in all options in an integrated way. Fig 1: Web Presence Map2. Web Presence Matrix A web presence is a location on the World Wide Web where a person, business, or some other entity is represented. A website quality metrics is defined by a measurement method and the measurement scale. In order to evaluate the number of measurable physical or abstract attributes for understanding and optimizing websites usage. Web metrics is like a visitor’s journey once on the website.

For example, the aesthetics characteristics will keep people on the website, reputation characteristics increase people’s trust, and encourage people to make a purchase. Website metrics assess a website in different domains which include e-commerce, academic, advertisement and so on. Each characteristic is compared against key performance indicators, and used to improve a website or marketing campaign’s audience response.

Examples of a web presence could be a website, a blog, a profile page, a wiki page, or a social media point of presence (e.g. a LinkedIn profile, a Facebook account, or a Twitter account and so on). Fig 1: global and local rankTable1: La Sportiva web presence matrix URL Customers accessability Last updateLASPORTIVA Website https://www.

lasportiva.comLocal Rank: 12,538 Global Rank: 154,148 11/08/2018 Linked in Following: Followers: 214 Twitter 508 Followers: 13,600 11/08/2018 Facebook 131,742 Followers: 130,706 11/08/2018 Instagram https://www. 347 Followers: 157,000 11/08/2018 Google+

com/+LasportivaIta- Followers: 1,198 11/08/2018 You Tube Subscribers: 23,402 Views: 5,650,250 11/08/2018 Pinterest https://www.pinterest.

it/lasportiva/Following: 2000 Followers: 1,642 11/08/2018Website QualityUnlike retailer-customer relationships in physical retail settings, the major interface with an online retailer is an information technology, a website. Thus, website performance in areas such as website quality and customers’ perceived information quality are crucial to attract people and more importantly, retain them as loyal customers. Website quality may significantly impact e-commerce success as it signals users with messages about the firm’s financial performance suggests that in order to be successful, websites should provide extensive information in a digestible format and well-designed navigation and ease of operation are essential for an effective website. Researchers have examined the influence of website design, using various technology devices, on consumer’s cognitive and behavioral variables and also have extensively explored the domain of website quality and developed instruments to measure it. However, scales have not been widely validated in empirical research in the context of various consumer products.

In addition, few studies have examined how the website design quality dimensions influence consumers’ cognitive and behavioral responses in online shopping.Even if there are different models to evaluate website quality, specific models are considered here out of the many. The dimensions of website quality identified by researchers can be classified into several categories such as information, security, ease of use, enjoyment, and service quality.

In particular, the WebQuall™ scale identified 12 dimensions of website quality, focusing on consumer evaluations of business-to-consumer website quality. WebQuall™ was originally developed based on the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and consists of 12 essential dimensions of website quality represented by four belief dimensions (i.e., usefulness, ease of use, entertainment (enjoyment), and complimentary relationship). In other words quality of Web sites are based on characteristics described using diverse criteria’s like; identity, content, service, usability, location, maintenance and feasibility.Information Security Ease of use Enjoyment Service qualityContent quality (useful, complete, accurate content) Technical adequacy (security, easy to navigate) Technical adequacy (security, easy to navigate) Appearance (attractiveness, organized) Online completenessSpecific content (product/service, contact, policies information) Interaction (reliability) Usability (easy to use/navigate) Entertainment (fun, exciting) Relative advantageInformation (quality of website content) System quality (security precise operation) Organization (easy to use/understand) Playfulness (enjoyment, excitement) Customer serviceInformativeness Trust Response time (Processing speed) Visual appeal Information quality (accuracy, relevance) Security/privacy Fulfillment/reliability System use (control, ease of use) Innovativeness Information quality (accuracy, relevance)/service Privacy Response time Experiential/atmospheric (visual appeal) Informational fit-to-task Intuitive operations Emotional Appeal Tailored information Design (easy to navigate, response time, visual aids) Aesthetic design (creative,good pictures) Informativeness selection Ease of use (convenient to use, easy to search for information) Table 2: Website quality dimensions identified by previous researchsWith this regard of the website quality dimensions identified by researchers La sportiva S.

P.A., as a company have a well developed and organized web site linked with different social media outlets. And in addition to the linkage with different social media outlet options the company updates all timely which makes it to convince and reach to customers easily at any time and any place in different options that the customer might have available in hand. But the customer service and feedback treatment option needs proper optimization for which to retain cutomers and increase loyal cutomers and sales rate in parallel with profit.Web Reputation Analysis and Mobile Friendliness of La Sportiva Web reputation is a multi-dimensional concept and shows a critical role for companies and organizations, impacting their competitive positions and ultimately their success and survival on the market. Company’s reputation is usually related to how its products or services are perceived by the consumers; of course, it also depends on the intrinsic characteristics of your products or services and has to do with the image or identity of the company. In this case there is no doubt that the products of La Sportiva are well designed and one of the best brands internationally available in the market and the web site and all the social media options are compatible and friendly with mobile phones, which can help the customers to access easily and even purchase online from their mobile phones.

Fig 2: Mobile friendliness of La SportivaRecommendations:Even if the company is owning a well-organized online e-commerce system and state of the art production factory certified in environmental protection and quality assurance (ISO), received different local and international awards there are few things to be recommended so as to optimize issues related to the product quality, environmental issue and after sale customer service mechanisms. So, La Sportiva should: • Build long-term relationships with its customers, fulfill the claims and promises made during marketing and advertising slogans. Offer them consistent quality for the products/services and they would never switch to another brand. Engage a dedicated quality control management team to assess products and services that are likely to reach consumers; make sure that every order is delivered before the estimated time of shipment and offer customers a secure online payment system.• Take prompt action for frequently criticized service issues and make its customers feel that their opinion matters by giving them the option to post review so that most of complains are solved timely. Products or accessories which receive negative feedback should be assessed and necessary changes should be made keeping in view customer choice. Ask for customer feedback on a regular basis and smartly utilize it to improve your service and customer experience. • Provide great customer service before and after sale that can make a world of difference when it comes to customer loyalty, boosting sales and decreasing churn.

Because people talk sharing their good ; bad customer experiences online, especially in social media. Personal opinions, reviews, and other types of customer feedback have ways of circulating online, even if they happened offline. • During the busy holiday season, often shipping gets delayed and you have piles of complaints and queries in your inbox. To better facilitate customers, you should proactively reach out to them and inform them in advance about the issue. Without active communication, you cannot develop a strong bond with customers, so interact with them proactively to give the impression that you truly care for their needs and believe in providing excellent customer service experience. One of the best and effective ways for communicating with online customers is live chat; you can use this tool to update customers about your new products/offers, address their concerns, know their product preference and offer better customer support to them. Live chat service can help customers to get live support and is an essential for e-stores to help deliver satisfying customer service.

• Cooperate with Universities and research centers so as to help in solving environmental consequences of the non-degradable (non-recyclable) rubber sole for most of the shoes and replace by bio-degradable one to protect the environmental impact. Because rubber is a complex material that cannot be easily reprocessed or reused in the footwear production process. However, this waste material can be employed in other industries, such as anti-shock paving.

Thus, in order to reduce the production of non-recyclable waste and to contribute to developing a circular economy by turning waste into raw material, replacing the rubber material by bio degradable materials should be considered as the best possible solution to help the environmental protection.• Have a user friendly website interface, categorize the products in a way that online visitors can easily find their desired products out of the numerous kinds of products, tag them under relevant sections and provide detailed information to help customers in making a buying decision. • Should introduce innovations in its production process in order to consistently improve its attention to the environment: for example, replacing old fashioned glue application mechanism by the Eco Bond pre-glued soles, which allow for a remarkable saving on glue per pair of shoes manufactured. 7.

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I wanted to return a pair of climbing shoes as I needed a different size. The order number I was given didn’t work to get a return label, I emailed La Sportiva and they simply sent me a generated response telling me to use the order number which didn’t work, they also said log into your account but when I bought the shoes I didn’t have to create an account.It is coming up to two months now and three emails with no response since I bought the shoes and I haven’t heard from them.I can’t believe a company of this size can treat a customer like this.

Feel totally shafted and there’s nothing I can do.Simon Rees reviewed La Sportiva — 1 starMay 20, 2017 • The climbing shoes are great. No problems there. The customer service is absolutely shocking. I wanted to return a pair of climbing shoes as I needed a different size. The order number I was given didn’t work to get a return label, I emailed La Sportiva and they simply sent me a generated response telling me to use the order number which didn’t work, they also said log into your account but when I bought the shoes I didn’t have to create an account.It is coming up to two months now and three emails with no response since I bought the shoes and I haven’t heard from them.I can’t believe a company of this size can treat a customer like this.

Feel totally shafted and there’s nothing I can do.Don Sipla reviewed La Sportiva — 2 starMay 17, 2017 • Well I smoked another pair of Boulder X, didn’t even last a year this time…. seems like the quality of these over priced shoes is getting worse and worse.

.. I absolutely love how they preform and how light weight they are but the durability is what you would expect from something you can get at Walmart.

… and don’t even waist your time with warranty or customer service, all you will get is sorry they have been warn.

. thats what you do with shoes is ware them right or am I supposed to just look at them. .

… really wish they would stand behind their products.Cristian Muresan reviewed La Sportiva — 1 starJune 26 • Takes ages for them to ship an order…it’s pathetic.

..Jan Atslega reviewed La Sportiva — 1 starAugust 4 at 10:54 AM • Worse customer service, waiting refund more then month and still no refund !J?nis Apinis reviewed La Sportiva — 1 starJanuary 24 • Bought La Sportiva Core High GTX for almost 200euro, after walking around 300-350km holes appeared on top of the outer layer on both shoes and they were not waterproof at all.

Took them to the place where I bought, they refused because of natural wear. Sent few e-mails to La Sportiva, for the first I got reply that I should go back to the place where I bought, for the next e-mail I just didn’t received any answer. So the product is bad and their warranty services and services at all are appaling. I’m also sad because I’ve bought another pair of La Sportivas shoes before these worn out and I wouldn’t do it if I knew that this manufacturer is so bad.Karolis Paliulis reviewed La Sportiva — 1 starFebruary 7 • Bought LA SPORTIVA hiking shoes 3 years ago. No long journeys made, only walking dogs and city walks during winter time.Noticed humidity getting inside and and two cracks on both shoes soles from both sides. Contacted local supplier and they have contacted LA SPORTIVA.

Negative answer and no help from LA SPORTIVA was provided.It is a disappointment since the price of the pairs was over 200 eur.Never again LA SPORTIVA :/Samuel Kolar reviewed La Sportiva — 1 starApril 24 • Had 3 years old La Sportiva shoes, used them mostly ocasionally for a walk on rainy days and the glue on the soil was not sticking anymore… Soil is gone, cheap fabricking…

It happend to both shoes at once. I tried to contact the company but they were not willing to help. I do not trust La sportiva anymore. It´s pitty, because my first La Sportiva shoes lasted long. It seems like newer products are cheaper productionValentina Tomei reviewed La Sportiva — 1 starSeptember 8, 2017 • La peggior Customer Service che abbia mai ricevuto. Peccato per un Brand così elevato.

Sto ancora aspettando risposta ad un reclamo per una situazione davvero incresciosa. Shopping online bocciato !Worst customer service I’ve ever received. Too bad for such a high brand. I’m still waiting for a complaint about a very unfortunate situation. Online shopping failed!Simon Rees reviewed La Sportiva — 1 starMay 20, 2017 • The climbing shoes are great. No problems there.The customer service is absolutely shocking. I wanted to return a pair of climbing shoes as I needed a different size.

The order number I was given didn’t work to get a return label, I emailed La Sportiva and they simply sent me a generated response telling me to use the order number which didn’t work, they also said log into your account but when I bought the shoes I didn’t have to create an account.It is coming up to two months now and three emails with no response since I bought the shoes and I haven’t heard from them.I can’t believe a company of this size can treat a customer like this. Feel totally shafted and there’s nothing I can do.Wayne Gaskell reviewed La Sportiva — 1 starSeptember 24, 2017 • Liked the products, but the customer services is shocking. I had La Sportiva Bushido where the heel lining had torn after 76 miles. It cost me £14 to send the item back to the provider who then got in touch with LaSportiva.

From a few photo’s LaSportiva suggested it was the shape of my foot that had torn these shoes… it was laughable yet frustrating. Why didn’t happen on the other shoe ? why hasn’t my odd foot done the same on many other trainers i’ve purchased.I will NOT be purchasing any LaSporitva gear again. I think they need to focus on customer support.Ronny Grosser reviewed La Sportiva — 1 starJuly 14, 2017 • Nachdem ich Schuhe bestellte und einen Visor passten diese nicht(halbe Nummer zu klein).

Rücksendung geht nur unfrei nach Italien. Gesagt getan und nun warte ich seit 2Monaten auf Rückerstattung des Geldes ( knapp 180 Euro) oder Umtausch. Keine Reaktion seitens La Sportivas Versandhandel, selbst PayPal wird ignoriert.

Kauft ja nicht online ein, reine Abzocke!!!!After I ordered shoes and a visor did not fit this (half number too small). Return will only go to Italy. It’s done and now I wait for 2 months for a refund of the money (just 180 euros) or exchange. No response from La Sportivas mail order, even PayPal is ignored.

Does not buy online, pure rip off !!!!Chris Hailey reviewed La Sportiva — 1 starMay 9, 2017 • One star review for sure!!! you guys suck!!! First off my pythons fell apart at the front with only 15-20 climbs on them (had them 6 weeks) then get told its not the shoe its my climbing scraping them even though there were few scratches on the front of them that would indicate that. Then my girl friends solutions did EXACTLY the same thing, the rubber comes off at the toe area…

I contact your supplier in NZ they have ignored me, I have contacted you via e mail… YOU HAVE IGNORED ME…. Worst customer service from both yourself and your supplier on an inferior product that has a fault and also its a fault many others are having.

.. If you want climbing shoes to be awesome for 6 weeks then fall apart la sportiva are for you. Every other pair of climbing shoes me and my other half have ever owned have lasted a minimum of 9 months some upto 2 years… you are the bottom of the barrel..

. I will be urging my other half to give you a similar review on here..

. off to find you on google and any other social media platform so people can see the customer service is terrible before investing.


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