Matthew employee-owned business. Point of Contact: Kristi Ecker,

Matthew Flaherty25JUN2018MGMT 361Professor KlausmeyerMcCarthy Building Companies McCarthy Building Companies is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri with offices in 15 other cities across nine different states. It is an employee-owned commercial construction company that does projects all throughout America. McCarthy has approximately 3,700 employees within the company. The annual revenue for McCarthy averages $3.5 Billion and is #124 on Forbes’ list for America’s Largest Private Companies . McCarthy is an innovative, creative and incredibly customer-oriented, employee-owned business. Point of Contact: Kristi Ecker, Director of Human Resources for the Southwest region (one phone interview on 13JUN2018, more interviews were planned but due to schedules could not happen).

Employment1. What does McCarthy’s recruitment process involve? Questions: Are the job requirements clearly described for all of the positions within McCarthy? How often does McCarthy accept job applications and what percentage of those applications make it through to be interviewed? When McCarthy is interviewing candidates for an open position within the company, what traits are they looking for? What is the average amount of time a candidate would have to wait for McCarthy to offer them a position after the application and interview processes are complete? Findings: McCarthy has a very detailed website that lists the job requirements for all of the many different positions available within the company. McCarthy’s recruiting methods are faster for some positions than others. While they use employee referrals for a lot of their labor and construction positions, the management positions take more time to research and fill. A career at McCarthy begins with a desire to do outstanding work and to be part of something special. McCarthy recruits for positions based on the projects that they have scheduled coming up in the near future.

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The hiring process has become more frequent due to the amount of new construction projects that McCarthy has taken on in the last few years. McCarthy is constantly adding new projects, like the new Las Vegas Stadium that will house the Raiders, the CSU Los Angeles student housing complex, and a 521,000 square foot USDA dairy dryer plant . Recommendations: McCarthy’s recruiting methods are effective for the work that they are doing. They plan ahead to get positions filled from the local area before they start a new project.2. What are McCarthy’s pay and incentive programs like? Questions: What types of benefits does McCarthy offer that would let it stand apart from any of its competitors, like the employee stock ownership plan? What does McCarthy’s history look like when it comes to raises and any other types of pay incentives? What are McCarthy’s thoughts when offering a starting pay for a new employee? Findings: The starting wages for new employees are well above the minimum wage.

McCarthy participates in the Employee Stock Ownership Program which for the last couple years has come in at a much higher percentage than expected and contributed to the need for more employees due to a larger number of members retiring after they received their ESOP. McCarthy believes in providing their employees with total rewards, which “does not just mean a competitive salary and health insurance, it encompasses everything — culture, performance bonuses, wellness, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, two retirement plans (where up to 25% of your salary can be contributed to your retirement each year) and more.” Recommendations: McCarthy offers an excellent compensation package both with high starting salaries and very good benefits programs.3. What does McCarthy’s employee retention look like? Questions: How often does McCarthy review their compensation levels to ensure they are staying ahead of the competition? Keeping employees engaged is a problem with the new generations, what does McCarthy do to encourage this engagement? Findings: McCarthy is able to keep the retention at a high level and keep the turnover rate low due to the excellent incentives and wages that they provide. Being an employee-owned company there is much more reason for the employees to be involved in the success of the company as it benefits them in the long run. Recommendations: None4. What technologies does McCarthy use to enhance its business? Questions: What steps does McCarthy take to keep up with the advancing technology? Does technology play an important role in the construction business? Does McCarthy train all of their new employees in the latest technologies being used within the company? Findings: Technology is very important within the construction industry.

The new technology makes it safer and more efficient to complete construction projects. Also, a lot of the new projects that McCarthy is involved with building include a high amount of advanced technology, including the Bergan Mercy Medical Center in Omaha, NE., the OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale, AZ., and a 218,000-square-foot Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies Building at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. New employees are trained in technology for the discipline in which they are working but are not trained in technology used throughout the whole company.

Recommendations: NoneEmployee Development1. What measures does McCarthy take to ensure safety? Questions: What does McCarthy do to provide a safe working environment for it’s employees? What are McCarthy’s procedures for dealing with accidents within the workplace? Are medical benefits provided to the employees and what is done to ensure that they understand their compensation packages? Findings: McCarthy believes that safety is the number one priority when beginning any project, “Our quest for a zero-injury work environment isn’t just a priority. It’s a key tenet of our company. We emphasize safety, because simply, it’s the right thing to do.” Full-time employees have a benefits package that include a medical care package, as well as worker’s compensation for any on the job injuries that occur depending on which state it happens in.

When an employee is hired the HR department sits down and goes over all of the benefits that the new employee earns based on whether they are full-time or part-time. All necessary paperwork is handled at this time and amended anytime there is a change in the employee’s status. Recommendations: NoneWorks Cited”Explore All Projects.” McCarthy Building Companies,”McCarthy Holdings on the Forbes America’s Largest Private Companies List.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine,”Safety.” McCarthy Building Companies,”Total Rewards.” McCarthy Building Companies,


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