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Maudsley personality inventory was invented by HJ EYSENCK who has offer assistance us shape the history of brain research. His primary intrigued was within the field of identity and insights. He was the author of the concept neuroticism .This is often a test / survey that measures were the person lands on the scale of extraversion and self preoccupation and neuroticism.
EXTRAVERSION : we regularly meet individuals who are eager and dynamic, garrulous, fast at their activities and appear self-assured conduct they are regularly called extravert. They are exceptionally enthusiastic individuals and they appreciate being in parties and being portion of social occasions.
INTROVERT : we have seen individuals who continuously attempted to be a portion of social occasion and reserved not since they are frightened to be in a social circumstance they are contemplative people they fundamentally grant significance to mental action than physical.
NEUROTICISM : this allude to individuals who are regularly touchy and have visit involvement uneasiness, stress, outrage, disappointment, and envy, jealousy, blame. The individuals who score tall on neuroticism scale they are at the hazard of getting mental disorder. In other words they are emotionally not steady and cant handle mental push effortlessly.
The maudsley personality inventory is the result of many years wait of the developmental work. This test was built to measure extraversion and neuroticism in a person this two traits are measured by a questionnaire which has 48 questions which should be answered by the subject. This measures the emotional stability of the person and extraversion how outgoing the person is.
This questionnaire “maudsley personality inventory” has 49 questions. Its has an easier option we can also use the shorter scale which contains 12 questions. This questions should be answers in “yes”if agrees or “no” if not or “?” undecided answers. There is no specified time limit but make sure the subject fills it as soon as he/she can.


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