Maxis posting from him that named Jackson.

Maxis Sdn Bhd is one of the biggest Telco Company in Malaysia that was well-known among the Malaysian. The company was founded in 1993 by Ananda Krishnan and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. The Chairman or the Director of Maxis is Raja Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Arshad Bin Raja Tun Uda that has been appointed in 2009. The CEO of Maxis is Morten Lundal and Head of Consumer Business is Dushyan Vaithiyanathan. Maxis Sdn Bhd provided various services for instance supplying prepaid and postpaid services, Internet broadband services, fixed line services and other related telecommunications services.

Maxis Sdn Bhd owned a website that comprise of everything relating to telecommunication services and information about their products. For example, in the website, we can find a newsroom that contains press release, videos and photos about any event of Maxis Sdn Bhd.Maxis Sdn Bhd also has an official account of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Plus and also Linked in. Thus, it is easy for the customers to contact and communicate with them by following their official account. Besides, the customers can know more update about Maxis Sdn Bhd and maybe they have the opportunity to be part of Maxis by joining them. They also provide the website for redress the customers’ complaint on their products and services.

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Therefore, any complaints regarding the mobile plan, postpaid, internet broadband or other problems can be directly asked via the website named Consumer Forum Malaysia.The cases is started when one of the Maxis user come out with an article complaining about Maxis unfair treatment to their customers. It is a long posting from him that named Jackson. At the first place, he posted on the forum regarding the differences offers received by his friend that make him realizes Maxis did not He keeps updating about the issue as he really feel that it is not worth it to be loyal customer with Maxis for 10 years until he decided to switch to Celcom.

Then, the post has been viral as there are many other consumers giving comments and quotes the post from Lowyat forum. Most of them also has experienced and run into the same problem with poor treatment by Maxis and they strongly support the article by Jackson. In order to know more on what is happening and the details of this issue, it will be explained more in the chronology part.One of the Maxis users posted an article about his dissatisfaction on Lowyat forum regarding mobile plan offered by Maxis. The title of the forum is ‘Maxis giving unfair treatment to customers, Bye Maxis”.

Maxis Company at that time is offering a special deal toward their customers in East Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak only. Thus, the user named Jackson5759 from Sabah who also one of the users that got the special offer from Maxis posting on Lowyat forum tells everything on how Maxis offered the promotion toward their different customers that make him feels angry and unfair. In the forum, it is stated that he has been told by Maxis and got RM 30 discount for his mobile plan while his friend got offer 2 GB extra data.

Besides, he stated that earlier when his friend want to change the plan from Maxis to Celcom postpaid line which is 10 GB data and unlimited calls, Maxis start to counter back the offer to his friend. Among the offers provide are:Offer 1: Free Samsung Note 5 + RM 128 monthly + 5GB Data + Unlimited Calls & Sms + 2 Years ContractOffer 2: RM 88 monthly + 8GB Data + Unlimited Calls & Sms + No Contract Offer 3: RM 68 monthly + 5GB Data + Unlimited Calls & Sms + No ContractFrom all offers above, she rejected offer 1 and offer 2 but still considering about the offer 3 given and asking Maxis to call her back in one hour. After one hour, Maxis called and she finally rejected the offer once again as she has promised to sign new mobile plan with Celcom. Then, what happened is Maxis still seems like do not want to lose their customer and asked about the forth offer which is RM 68 monthly + 7GB Data + Unlimited Calls and SMS + No Contract. The final offer was accepted by Jackson’s friend and she proceeds to use Maxis plan.Jackson was very angry and pissed off after he knew about what Maxis has done with their customer. He feels that Maxis is unfair because he has been loyal to Maxis for about 10 years but there is no such offer from Maxis to him but his friend got the various offers from Maxis just because his friend want to terminate Maxis and change to Celcom. He tried to ask Maxis regarding the offers that his friend received but unfortunately the respond that he got from customer service was really disappointed as the customer service said they do not know anything and cannot offer the same plan as his friend.

He even asked how Maxis selected the group for the special plan because he was using Maxis for many years compared to his friend. This is bad customer relations from Maxis that treat the loyal customer unfairly.He stated the differences between his mobile plan with his friend which his plan is much expensive, RM 188 monthly + 7GB Data + Unlimited Calls and Sms + No Contract while his friend’s plan is RM 68 monthly + 7GB Data + Unlimited Calls & SMS + No Contract. Jackson feels that he has been treated like an idiot for 10 years with Maxis that is so expensive and he will change his mobile plan line to another telco.

He also questioning about the special offers rate that only given to East Malaysia only but not in West Malaysia even he is from Sabah. Jackson said


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