Maya . Does my sexiness upset you?

Maya Angelou in her poem ” Still I rise ” used rhetorical questions in order to influence the addressing people, to show her confidence and strength. Maya Angelou lived in bad conditions as a black woman, therefore, these questions is a prove that it has a great confidence and determination to endure them. There is always hope and a light path.Example:” Does my sassiness upset you? Why are you beset with gloom?. . .

.Did you want to see me broken? . . . . Does my haughtiness offend you? ; .

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. Does my sexiness upset you? “(” Still I rise”). According to ” Still I rise ” the following five questions shows the poet’s agony towards “you”. It sounds like the poet is asking if “you” are jealous of her or not. The question adds more Emotions in each stanza.

It adds more effect.Although the author is living in a tough age for black women, she is able to endure them by her great confidence and hope.Determining when the poem was written and if it is a part of cycle or seriesSangeetha S states that the poem still I rise is written by Maya Angelou; an 20th Century African American poet, educator and an important figure during the 50s and 60s civil-rights movement. still I rise is a short lyric poem published by random house in1978 in the collection of poetry with thirty two poems entitled And Still I Rise in the third volume (6-8).4-4 ConclusionIn this chapter we Can see that Maya Angelou has a large number of works; in which she created a beautifulplace , she proved herself by her great personality and her brave heart.

Concerning her black skin,she faced the world to improve that the black woman is not less than the white woman in everything; her goal was to show that the black woman has qualities and values and she deserve a respectful life like anyone.The reason behind writing MayaAngelou the poem “still I Rise” is the bad treatment from the white oppressors and the struggle that the black woman had faced in the labour movement in order stop the exploit appeared by the white and to gain the position, the position that the black woman deserves as a brave and ambitious woman and for what she has of values.In the practical chapter we can recognize that the analysis of the poem “Still I Rise” is very wide and large, it is full of poetic devices like metaphor, repetition, symbolism,imagery, hyperbole, and rhetorical question. In “Still I Rise” themes like Racism and Discrimination can be seen, besides that theme of Rejection also can be seen; in certain period the black woman was neglected because of her skin colour and her ethnics. The black people were slaves with no rights, the white oppressors treated them like animals, and there are no humanities.However ,Maya Angelou ‘s theme of perseverance proof the opposite that whatever the circumstances and whatever they do, we will still stand up without stopping , we will still strong and we will continue our struggle until the last breath , because there is always hope and bright light in our hearts and paths.


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