Media communicate, hardware and software that we

Media have many roles in our lives, we cannot live without these. The Media are and have been a part in our everyday lives. From the media artifacts or the devices we used to communicate, hardware and software that we utilize, platforms that we use, services that we give, to activities that we do to share information.

Moreover, the media activities are what people do and we mainly use media at work, and in socializing. Specifically in editing, texting, chatting, sharing and many more. Furthermore, there are also media as social arrangements wherein refers on how we interact with people and also to the relationship we have with one another. On the other hand, advertising is connected in media.According to the industry experts, futurist and market researchers they foresee that through technologies and devices the interaction between the consumers and the marketers can be changed .

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Unfortunately, through the power of communication using media, it can also increase the danger of purchasing online. Although this may be, the future advertising has still a choice to be more ethical, critical and responsible; Therefore, the future of advertising as media work must come with social responsibility.


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